The Missing Links: Science Wants Your Dog To Talk

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Sit Up. Roll Over. Speak.

This new device would allow your dog to communicate with you in a whole new way.


The Movie Beast From Best to Least

Who is the best monster of them all?


What Would You Say If He Was Standing Right Next To You?

New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey will start the All Star Game tonight. But, despite being a superstar, a lot of people in his own city wouldn’t know him if they saw him. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon sent him out to interview people and prove this point.


Get Your Way

Let Bill Hader show you the cheat code to life.


Real Life Begins Now

You might as well have a graduation cap that communicates that.


The Reality of Fantasy Sports

People in the real world are making real money by playing fake sports.


Reinventing Sand

Finally that stuff that gets in your bathing suit and stuck between your toes at the beach has been reinvented as an improved castle-building material. Now how do we get all the beaches to be filled with this instead?


Where’s the Elevator?

Because these staircases are challenging, to say the least.

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July 16, 2013 - 3:30pm
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