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“Well, gentlemen, today you’re going to go up for the big money. The winner will receive $2,000. The loser, $1,000.”

The Major League Baseball All-Star break has arrived, and with it comes tonight’s Home Run Derby, where the game’s top sluggers pepper the host stadium’s outfield seats with a barrage of skyscraping blasts. If you’re anxiously awaiting tonight’s event, you really should know more about the TV show that inspired it.

Back in 1960, Home Run Derby was a syndicated TV show that aired for a single season and featured some of baseball’s most iconic players (Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron) competing to win “big money” by battling through a 9-inning contest.

Here's each matchup, with the first four episodes (head over to Hulu for the rest of the series).

Episode #1: Mickey Mantle 9, Willie Mays 8

Episode #2: Mickey Mantle 5, Ernie Banks 3

Episode #3: Mickey Mantle 9, Jackie Jensen 2

Episode #4: Harmon Killebrew 9, Mickey Mantle 8

Episode #5: Harmon Killebrew 6, Rocky Colavito 5

Episode #6: Ken Boyer 3, Harmon Killebrew 2

Episode #7: Hank Aaron 9, Ken Boyer 6

Episode #8: Hank Aaron 6, Jim Lemon 4

Episode #9: Hank Aaron 4, Eddie Mathews 3

Episode #10: Hank Aaron 5, Al Kaline 1

Episode #11: Hank Aaron 3, Duke Snider 1

Episode #12: Hank Aaron 3, Bob Allison 2

Episode #13: Wally Post 7, Hank Aaron 4

Episode #14: Dick Stuart 11, Wally Post 9

Episode #15: Dick Stuart 7, Gus Triandos 1

Episode #16: Frank Robinson 6, Dick Stuart 3

Episode #17: Bob Cerv 8, Frank Robinson 7

Episode #18: Bob Allison 4, Bob Cerv 3

Episode #19: Willie Mays 11, Bob Allison 3

Episode #20: Willie Mays 7, Harmon Killebrew 6

Episode #21: Willie Mays 6, Jim Lemon 3

Episode #22: Gil Hodges 6, Willie Mays 3

Episode #23: Ernie Banks 11, Gil Hodges 7

Episode #24: Jackie Jensen 14, Ernie Banks 11

Episode #25: Jackie Jensen 3, Rocky Colavito 2

Episode #26: Mickey Mantle 13, Jackie Jensen 10

Go watch them all here.

Host Mark Scott died of a heart attack after the first season of Home Run Derby, and that was that.

One last note on that prize structure: as a frame of reference, this year’s highest paid major leaguer is Alex Rodriguez, whose $29 million salary equates to $179,012 for every game in the 162-game season. That also works out to $6,630 A-Rod “earns” for every one of the standard 27 outs in each of his team’s 162-games. And keep in mind that he’s collecting this princely sum even though he has yet to play in a single game this season due to injury.

6 New Events Will Debut At This Year’s Winter Olympics in PyeongChang

It’s that time again! The 2018 Winter Olympic Games will kick off in PyeongChang, South Korea on February 9, and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is adding a handful of new events to the festivities. In 2014, 12 new events—including Men’s and Women’s Ski Half-Pipe and Biathlon Mixed Relay—were added to make the Sochi Games more challenging and exciting. This year, six new events will make their debut in PyeongChang.

Here’s what’s new for 2018: While it started out as an X-Games event, extreme athletes will now get their chance to win gold medals in Men’s and Women’s Snowboard Big Air, which sees competitors performing their best spins and tricks after launching off a large (about 160 feet) ramp. For the first time, the Alpine skiing Nations Team Event will make its debut; the event features mixed teams of two men and two women going head-to-head in a series of downhill slalom races in a best-of-four competition.

Next up, Men’s and Women’s Speed Skating Mass Start features a maximum of 28 athletes in a 16-lap race, where all participants start at the same time with winner-takes-all stakes. Speed Skating Mass Start first appeared during the Lake Placid games in 1932, but has sat out the Winter Olympics in the 85 years since, so it's prepared to make a triumphant return.

Lastly, there's Curling Mixed Doubles. The new event consists of teams of two, a man and a woman, competing in a curling match with eight ends and five stones, instead of the traditional 10 and eight, respectively. In addition, there’s a 22-minute limit to get a team’s stones closest to the center button of the house.

The Opening Ceremony of the XXIII Olympic Winter Games will air on NBC beginning at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on Friday, February 9, 2018.

Watch These Surfers Crush Nantucket's 'Slurpee' Waves

Instead of hunkering down with Netflix and hot chocolate during the East Coast’s recent cold snap, surfers Nick Hayden and Jamie Briard spent the first few days of January 2018 conquering icy waves in Nantucket, Massachusetts. The frothy swells resembled a frozen 7-Eleven Slurpee, so photographer Jonathan Nimerfroh, a friend of the athletes, grabbed his camera to capture the phenomenon, according to deMilked.

The freezing point for salt water is 28.4°F, but undulating ocean waves typically move too much for ice particles to form. At Nantucket’s Nobadeer Beach, however, conditions were just right for a thick layer of frost to form atop the water’s surface for several hours. Some of the slushy crests were even surfable before melting after about three hours, Nimerfroh told Live Science.

This is the second time Nimerfroh has photographed so-called “Slurpee waves." He captured a similar scene on February 27, 2015, telling The New York Times, “I saw these crazy half-frozen waves. Usually on a summer day you can hear the waves crashing, but it was absolutely silent. It was like I had earplugs in my ears.”

Check out Nimerfroh’s video of surfers enjoying the icy swell below.

[h/t deMilked]


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