This Ceramic 'Smart' Mug Is Designed to Always Keep Your Beverage at the Perfect Temperature


A good cup of coffee or tea deserves to be savored. Sip it too slowly, however, and it grows cold. To ensure your brew is hot down to the last drop, Co. Design reports that Los Angeles-based startup Ember has created a ceramic smart mug that’s temperature-controlled.

The Ember ceramic mug looks like an ordinary drinking vessel you’d see in a coffee shop. But beneath the sleek coating, it’s made of stainless steel and has four tiny sensors that monitor liquid temperature. The cup connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and an app lets you choose your drink’s temperature all the way up to a toasty 145°F.

Once you’ve set your ideal warmth, the smart mug’s sensors will send updates to a microprocessor hidden in the cup’s base whenever your beverage dips below or rises above your pre-selected heat preference. The processor then tells the interior heating element to crank the temp up or down. (For safety purposes, the cup goes into “sleep” mode if it hasn’t been moved for two hours.) Post-caffeine session, simply hand-wash the mug (its fancy tech isn’t suited for dishwashers, not to mention microwaves) and place it on its accompanying conductive coaster to juice up its built-in rechargeable battery, according to CNET.

Ember’s ceramic mug sells for $80 and is available for purchase at Starbucks and on Ember’s website. And for those who prefer to drink their tea or joe on the go, the company has also created a $150 travel version of the product that can heat or cool your drink.

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Mickey Mouse Is Getting His Own Beats By Dre Headphones

Beats, Amazon
Beats, Amazon

Since debuting in a black-and-white cartoon in 1928, Mickey Mouse has grown into an icon recognized around the world. To celebrate the character's 90th birthday, Beats by Dre has designed him his very own pair of Solo3s, The Verge reports.

The special-edition, wireless headphones depict a pattern of classic Mickeys against a gray background. They come in a gray felt carrying case—a nod to the material used to make the Mickey Mouse ears sold at Disney parks. The purchase also includes an enamel pin and decal sticker commemorating the anniversary.

At $329.95, the Mickey headphones cost about $30 more than conventional Solo3 headphones, but it's not unusual for Beats to charge extra for limited-edition designs. In 2014, the company released Hello Kitty Solo2s for the character's 40th anniversary for $50 more than the headphones' standard selling price.

The Mickey Beats will be available starting November 11—a few days before the 90th anniversary of the premiere of Steamboat Willie. You can pre-order them on Amazon today.

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This Smart Mug Alerts You When You've Had Too Much Caffeine


Since 2010, Ember has been giving perfectionists ultimate control over their morning coffee. Their travel mug lets you set the preferred temperature of your drink down to the degree when you're on the go, and their ceramic cup allows you to do the same in the office or at home. Now, in addition to telling you how hot your beverage is at all times, Ember lets you know how much caffeine you're consuming through Apple's Health app, CNET reports.

Ember's new feature takes advantage of the same Bluetooth technology that lets you control the temperature of you drink from your smartphone. Beginning October 17, you can connect your Ember vessel to your Apple device to keep track of what you're drinking. If you drink all your tea and coffee from an Ember mug, the Health app should be able to give you a rough estimate of your daily caffeine intake.

Ember wasn't originally designed to measure caffeine content, but its built-in sensors allow it do so. In order to maintain a constant temperature, the mug needs to know whether it's full or empty, and exactly how much liquid it's holding at any given time. The feature also gives you the option to preset your serving size within the app if you drink the same amount of coffee everyday. And if you like to drink specific beverages at their recommended temperatures, the mug can guess what type of drink it's holding based on how hot it is.

The new caffeine-calculating feature from Ember is especially useful for coffee addicts: If the mug senses you've exceeded your recommended caffeine intake for the day, it will alert you on your phone. Here are some energizing caffeine alternatives to keep that from happening.

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