The Missing Links: Building Homer's Dream Car

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Creating A Cartoon Clunker

Homer Simpson once designed a horrific-looking car that ruined his long-lost brother’s car company. Now an actual version of the car has been built.


Falling In Love With New York

Learn the backstory of the creation of the iconic I Love New York logo.


The Future Is Now: Supermarkets

Travel into the future. You don’t need a time machine, just a trip to the grocery store.


Don't Even Try It

These sports records are insane to the point of being unattainable.


Dining Alone This Evening?

Well, you’d better be.


What Becomes of A Hippo...

...when its international drug kingpin owner is killed? I know you’ve always wondered that.


Got Any Good Stolen Ideas?

Lucky for you, Amazon is opening a fan fiction store.


Pumped Full of History

I drove by this gas station earlier today, which made me think of this and go find it. Still very funny. You’ll enjoy it even if you didn’t drive by it today.

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June 28, 2013 - 3:55pm
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