Quit With the Chaotic Courtesy

Our society likes to celebrate the commonly-held opinion that random acts of kindness are a good thing. Help someone you don’t know. Lend a hand to a stranger. Go the extra mile for someone that’s miles away.

Jamie D. Grant doesn’t subscribe to this philosophy. In fact, he thinks random acts of kindness are a complete waste of time. And, before you write him off as a monster, you should know that he has a very good reason for feeling this way—which he skillfully lays out in this fantastic TED talk.

Take the time and listen to Grant’s story about the awesome, and entirely un-random, public art project that created his inspiring philosophy:

The History of 3D Technology
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Man Experiences Halftime Twice in His Life Thanks to Pepsi

Not many of us can say that we were there in the bleachers for Super Bowl IV—but Rory O'Connor can. So Pepsi tracked down this passionate Super Bowl fan and surprised him with a reprise of that special day.

Watch what happens when he experiences the Halftime performance of a lifetime—for a second time. Complete with Carol Channing!

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