The Missing Links: The Awful Origin of Tetherball

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The Barbaric Past of Tetherball

The disgusting origin of everyone’s favorite playground game. The secret name of Tiger Woods. The likelihood of a cow being on the field at the Super Bowl. Just a few of the amazing and odd sports facts that even the most unathletic will appreciate.


The Evolution of the Man of Steel

Superman has been a lot of different things in three-quarters of a century.


Awful and Awesome Art

Yes, these art installations are all rather stupid. But I would probably pay to see a lot of them. I’m part of the problem, right?


Visit Fabulous Skull Island!

Fictional film settings are beautifully captured in these vintage-looking travel posters.


Hot Summer Songs

These were the hits you probably sang along to each summer from 1994 until now. WARNING: You may waste a lot of time on this link.


For the Mini Golf Enthusiast

Golf fans can enjoy the US Open this weekend. Those that are more a mini golf fan will love learning about the history of the game and about the windmills and pirate ships that decorate the 15 best mini golf courses.


Any Reason to Fight

Sports brawls don’t always happen between one team and another. Sometimes players on a single team brawl. Heck, sometimes coaches on a single team brawl. And sometimes the brawls involve a cab driver. You never can tell.


The Death of the Deathburger

Apparently this 9-patty burger wasn’t “healthy.”


The Most Fantastic Picture on the Internet

Just try to debate me on this.

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June 14, 2013 - 3:30pm
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