The World's Most Expensive House Will Set You Back $410 Million

Jean Christophe Magnenet/Getty Images
Jean Christophe Magnenet/Getty Images

With mortgage rates at near-record lows, there’s never been a better time to buy a $410 million house. And there's just one candidate at that price point: Villa Les Cèdres, a 35-acre property in the south of France that makes royal palaces look like empty appliance boxes.

An Instagram post of Villa les Cedres

An Instagram post featuring Villa les Cedres

An Instagram post featuring a Villa les Cedres sitting room

Currently owned by Italian distiller Davide Campari, the Villa Les Cèdres property includes an 18,000-square-foot home with 14 bedrooms, 25 greenhouses, an Olympic-size swimming pool, olive trees (built in 1830, the estate used to be an olive farm), and a library with at least one book valued in the six figures. According to Bloomberg, the price reflects the home's exclusive location along the Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat coast and its history as the former residence of King Leopold II of Belgium. Current neighbors include Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and composer Andrew Lloyd Webber.

If the price is realized, it would become the most expensive residential real estate sale in history. And at a 3.92 percent interest rate, it would set you back just $1,938,540 a month.

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New Harry Potter Scrabble Accepts Wizarding Words Like Hogwarts and Dobby


Patronus, Hogwarts, and Dobby may not be words found in the official Scrabble dictionary, but they are very real to Harry Potter fans. Now there's finally a board game that lets players win points using the magical vocabulary made famous by the Harry Potter books and movies. SCRABBLE: World of Harry Potter from USAopoly is a new edition of Scrabble that recognizes characters, place names, spells, and potions from J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World.

Like traditional Scrabble, players use the letter tiles they pick up to spell out words on the board, with different words earning different point values. Any word you can find in an up-to-date Merriam-Webster Dictionary is still fair game, but in this version, terms coined in Harry Potter qualify as well. First and last names, whether they belong to characters (Albus or Dumbledore, for example) or actors from the franchise (Emma or Watson), are playable. You can also spell magical place names (like Hogsmeade), spells (accio), and objects (snitch).

Harry Potter version of Scrabble.

Showing off the depth of your Harry Potter knowledge isn't the only reason to put wizarding words on the board. Magical words are worth bonus points, with players earning more points the longer the word is. SCRABBLE: World of Harry Potter also includes cards with special challenges for players—a feature that can't be found in any other version of the game.

This Harry Potter edition of Scrabble will be available for $30 at Barnes & Noble and other retailers this spring. Until then, there are plenty of Harry Potter-themed games, including wizarding chess, out there for you to play.

Harry Potter version of Scrabble.

This 1980s Copy of Super Mario Bros. Is One of the Most Expensive Video Games in History

The original Super Mario Bros. changed video games forever when Nintendo released it for the NES in the 1980s, and now it's making history again. As The Verge reports, a mint cartridge from 1985 just sold for $100,150, breaking a world record in video game sales.

Super Mario Bros. was the first game starring Mario that Nintendo released for a home console. Most old copies of the game from the 1980s show noticeable wear, but the item that just sold through Heritage Auctions was a rare find for collectors. The cartridge is still preserved in its sealed case, earning it a "near mint" grade of 9.4 and a A++ "seal rating" from the rare game certifiers Wata Games.

It's also a rare "sticker-sealed" copy that Nintendo created for an exclusive test market launch of the NES in New York and Los Angeles. That, along with the game's pristine condition, helped make it the most expensive graded game ever sold when a group of collectors purchased it for $100,150 at auction.

Super Mario Bros. helped launch a video game franchise and paved the way for some of Nintendo's most famous properties, including Mario Cart and Super Smash Bros. It's one of several old-school NES games that collectors are willing to shell out big bucks for. Stadium Events, the 1990 Nintendo World Championships (one sold in 2014 for $100,088), and the Nintendo Campus Challenge are also very rare and expensive.

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