The World’s Largest Rubber Duck

Measuring nearly 46 feet tall by 55 feet long, Dutch conceptual artist Florentijn Hofman’s Rubber Duck is making waves across the globe. Its most recent splashdown is in Hong Kong, where it will sit in Victoria Harbour through June 2, making passersby feel like children again, both in spirit and in stature.


Movies in Color takes iconic film stills and breaks them down into their corresponding color palettes, updating daily, with an option to search by cinematographer.


The Herschel Observatory officially reached the end of its helium supply this past week, marking the mission’s shutdown after nearly four years of capturing truly stunning images of outer space.


What does the average human look like? Wikipedia editors had to argue it out amongst themselves in choosing a single image to illustrate the article entitled “Human,” and the lucky winning image that gets to represent the entire human race is of a northern Thai couple from an indigenous hill tribe, carrying a banana plant.


This rare recording of the Beatles playing through a number of White Album outtakes at George Harrison’s home in Esher, England is unusually clear for a bootleg album, and the acoustic renditions put quite a different spin on well-known staple songs.


Even the cutest kids can be truly terrifying sometimes, as a recent Reddit thread on “the creepiest thing your young child has ever said to you” proves.


The Tony Awards will take place on June 9 this year, so in the lead-up to the awards ceremony, here’s a full list of the nominees with some highlight clips.


The Netherlands just crowned the first Dutch king in over a hundred years. Goodbye, Queen Beatrix; hallo en welkom, King Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand.

Now You Can Wear Your Favorite Dunkin' Coffee Flavor as Nail Polish


Dunkin'—the coffee chain formerly known as Dunkin' Donuts—is getting into the beauty business. For a limited time, nail polish inspired by Dunkin's flavored coffees will be available at select nail salons across the country.

The nail polish line includes eight freshly brewed shades. Three pay homage to Dunkin's new signature lattes—cocoa mocha, caramel craze, and blueberry crisp—and three are inspired by the seasonal Baskin-Robbins ice cream-flavored coffees: butter pecan, pistachio almond fudge, and banana split. Nail polishes in Dunkin's iconic pink and orange color palette are also available.

The collection is a collaboration between Dunkin' and the vegan-friendly nail polish company Lauren B. Beauty. While supplies last, the products will be available at certain nail salons in 10 cities where Dunkin' operates, including Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, and Boston. Each purchase of the branded nail polish comes with a $3 Dunkin' gift card. To see if a salon in your area is participating, check out the map below.

Dunkin' isn't the first fast food chain to release its own nail polish line. In 2016, KFC released edible "finger-licking" nail polish that, yes, tasted like chicken.

Australian Family Walking Dog Named Lucky Discovers $24,000 Gold Nugget

An Australian dog named Lucky has lived up to his name. As the Bendigo Advertiser reports, a family from Bendigo in Victoria were walking their pet on May 12 when they literally stumbled upon a hunk of rock resembling gold on the ground. Experts have confirmed that the 20-ounce nugget is indeed gold, and in its intact state it's worth an estimated $24,000.

A father and his two daughters—who wish to remain anonymous—were taking their dog Lucky for a morning walk when one of the girls hit something with her foot. She noticed it wasn't an ordinary rock, and asked her Dad if it might be gold. He suspected it was and took their find to a nearby supermarket to weigh it on the deli scale.

Weighing over a pound, the gold nugget could earn the family a small fortune if they wish to sell it. The father says he does plan to find a buyer eventually; he had been struggling financially, and he told the Bendigo Advertiser the lucky event "couldn't be better timing."

The family has decided to keep the location of the discovery a secret. They plan to go for more walks in the area in hopes of striking gold twice.

[h/t Bendigo Advertiser]