There’s nothing quite like the sight of giving your dog a brand-new toy. The joy in their eyes. The wagging tail. That slobbery smile. But some dogs don’t let that moment last. They’ll gleefully bite and rip that toy to shreds, sending fabric and stuffing through the air like confetti. The destruction is part of the fun! 

BARK’s new Destroyers Club champions your pooch’s rowdy side by rewarding them for mangling their new toys. Visit to sign your pup up for a free lifetime membership to the only Club that rewards them for their toy destruction.

Destroyers Club is now introducing Critters and Chumans, their newest collection of toys engineered to maximize the joy of toy destruction. Take a look at the collection below.



Alley Cat toy.

Savvy Sallie’s long body, floppy ears, and bright orange bungee tail are the perfect targets for any dog looking to thrash a plush feline around the house. There’s also a squeaker in the head to give your dog just a bit more satisfaction when causing havoc.


Tree Hugging Tina Dog Toy

This is a much more pleasant alternative to your dog going after a real squirrel. Tree Hugging Tina has plush fur of various lengths across her body, including some bushy eyebrows and an extra fuzzy tail for your pooch to shred. There are also squeakers in the head and belly.


If your dog likes to play aggressively, Babbette will be their new favorite. That’s because this plush rabbit has a long pair of crinkly ears that are sure to get any dog’s attention. Coupled with its fuzzy tail and squeaker, Babbette may become your pooch’s favorite target.


Flossie is a super-packed pigeon with twice as much stuffing as most of the other Critters on this list. So what does that mean? Your dog can really let the fluff fly as it rips and tears this plush to shreds. It also has some crinkly wings to pique your pup’s interest.


Aromatic Archie Dog Toy

Thankfully scent-free, this plush skunk is a treasure trove of squeakers. With classic squeakers in its tail and head, and a super squeaker in its belly, your dog will be on a mission to find the noise and remove it with slobbery precision. The plush fur also ranges from short to long throughout its body, so your dog will always have something to latch onto.


Moody Maurice Dog Toy

It’s usually cats that go after mice, but this double-stuffed plush mouse is just as irresistible to dogs. Moody Maurice is the perfect toy for any pooch to de-fluff. His T-shirt rope tail is safer than standard rope and sure to fit nicely in your pet’s mouth.


Play-Actin Possum

Play-Actin Paddy has a nice, long tail for your dog to thrash around, but it’s also hiding a jumbo squeaker in its plush body that your dog is going to love digging out. Paddy’s also got fur of different lengths across its body, so there will always be something to grab onto.


Nocturnal Nate Dog Toy

Nocturnal Nate’s got a lot going for him (whether he likes it or not). There’s the long hair on his stomach and tail for a dog to grab at; the four squeakers throughout his head and tail; and his fuzzy arms, which are ideal for thrashing.

The Critters also come in two bundles—one featuring the rabbit, squirrel, mouse, and possum. The other bundle comes with the cat, raccoon, pigeon, and skunk.



Vet Dog Toy

While it’s frowned upon for your dog to look for squeakers in their real vet, this plush one makes it perfectly acceptable. Dr. Vivian Van De Fluff comes with two super squeakers—one in the head and one in the body—and is double-stuffed, with dangling arms and legs to pull at. She also has her plush hair in a bun just begging to be gnawed on.


Robber Dog Toy

This would-be robber has no idea what he’s in for. Felonious Ferdinand is designed for the dog that loves to shred, with his long hair (and chest hair) proving to be an attractive target. There’s also a squeaker in his body and money bag, giving your dog plenty of options for destruction.


Dogcatcher Dog Toy

Is there any better toy for your dog to destroy than a dogcatcher? Dubious Doug has two squeakers in each leg and one buried in fluff in his body. He’s also got plush arms and legs, as well as long hair and a mustache for your dog to tear through.


Mailman Dog Toy

And finally, the classic mailman for your dog to sink its teeth into. Skittish Steve has long hair and limbs that you can hold onto as your dog tries to wrestle him away. Steve also has a medium spiky ball core that’s basically an extra toy once your dog rips into him.

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