Get Free Slurpees All Week From 7-Eleven

TIM SLOAN/AFP/Getty Images
TIM SLOAN/AFP/Getty Images

Tuesday was 7-Eleven Day, otherwise known as The Ubiquitous Convenience Store Hands Out Free Slurpees Day. But this year, the candy-colored fun doesn’t end there: You can still get your hands on some free icy sugar water at 7-Eleven stores, according to Thrillist. Rejoice: It’s Slurpee Week!

If you buy seven Slurpee drinks anytime between July 12 and July 18, the numbers-obsessed company will give you 11 more free. You have to use the 7-Eleven mobile app to do it, though. Just download the app, sign up for the rewards program, and scan your phone every time you get yourself a Slurp. Once you hit number seven, the app will reload with 11 free Slurpee coupons. If you want to, you can redeem them all at once—which is handy if you're throwing a Slurpee party for your friends.

Though 7-Eleven has been giving out free Slurpees each year since its 75th anniversary in 2002, this year’s extra-long celebration is in honor of the chain’s 90th birthday. (The Slurpee itself is only 51 years old.) Better mark your calendar now for 2027, when the 7-Eleven centennial is bound to include a freakish amount of free Slurpees.

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KFC's New Firelog Makes Your House Smell Like Fried Chicken


The classic yule log has received updates from Star Wars, Nick Offerman, and Lil Bub over the years. This holiday season, why not stoke your fireplace with a log from the folks at KFC? As KRON reports, the fast food chain has produced its own firelog that releases the scent of Kentucky fried chicken when ignited.

The KFC 11 Herbs and Spices log is the best way to fill your house with delectable fried chicken smells without ordering takeout. Made in collaboration with Enviro-Log, it contains 100 percent-recycled materials and burns for up to three hours. KFC warns buyers that burning the log "may result in a craving for fried chicken," and that it "may attract bears or neighbors who are hungry." Despite the mouthwatering aroma, the KFC firelog is not safe to eat.

KFC and Christmas may seem like an odd pairing, but it's an annual holiday tradition in other parts of the world. In Japan, KFC has been a Christmastime staple for decades, with customers placing orders for buckets of "Christmas chicken" months ahead of the holiday.

The KFC log went on sale for $19 on Thursday, December 14, and it's already sold out from the online store, but keep checking back to see if they've restocked them.

It likely won't be the last scented novelty product we see from the brand: KFC has previously released a candle, nail polish, and sunscreen all made to smell like its famous fried bird.

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Where to Score Free Treats For National Cupcake Day

December is a magical time of year, and not just because of all the winter holidays. A few days on the calendar this month cater to those of us with a sweet tooth, and we can’t say we’re complaining. National Cookie Day fell on December 4, followed by National Brownie Day on December 8, and we still have National Cupcake Day to look forward to tomorrow, December 15. Because if you’re already planning to indulge in Christmas cookies and cake, why not go all out?

The icing on the cake is that a few bakeries across the country will be handing out free cupcakes tomorrow. Sprinkles Cupcakes will be giving away a limited edition strawberry cupcake with rainbow sprinkles to the first 100 visitors at each of its bakeries, which are located in California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Illinois, Florida, New York, and Washington, D.C. The bakery will also be doing “impromptu cupcake drop-offs” around New York City tomorrow.

Baked by Melissa also promises customers a free cupcake of their choosing at any of its 14 outlets in the New York City region, according to Metro. The company will also post information about a cupcake giveaway to its Instagram page tomorrow, and you can participate by tagging a friend in the comments. Two winners will receive a “Superstar” pack of 50 cupcakes.

If you happen to live in Cleveland, LaBella Cupcakes is taking a unique approach to the holiday and launching a scavenger hunt at 10 a.m. tomorrow. It will take participants to 10 historic locations around the city, and the person who solves the clues the fastest will take home a dozen free cupcakes. Check out the company's Instagram and Facebook pages for more details. 

There’s also a chance one of your local, non-chain bakeries will be hosting a promotion, so it’s worth visiting their website or social media pages to see if there are some freebies you can take advantage of.