These 3D Drawings Pop Off the Page

Visoth Kakvei
Visoth Kakvei

Visoth Kakvei’s drawings come alive from the page. The Maine-based artist starts off with incredibly intricate line drawings, then photographs them and digitally alters the images to make it look like the art is jumping out of his notebook.

Cambodian-born Kakvei, 27, (who was recently featured on deMilked) typically takes three to four hours to complete each drawing, sometimes spending up to six hours on the more intricate works.

In an email to Mental Floss, Kakvei says that the appeal of line drawing lies in its challenges. “Line drawing requires your steady hand,” he writes, which means a lot of practice. “And the most important thing is to be focused and patient.”

You can see more of his work on Facebook and Instagram.

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These Rugrats Sneakers Will Bring Out Your Inner '90s Kid

Champs, Fila
Champs, Fila

There's a new way for grown-up '90s kids to express their love for their favorite show from childhood. The characters from Rugrats are highlighted in a new line of footwear from Champ Sports and Fila, and the shoes are now available to purchase, Comicbook reports.

The Rugrats sneakers are branded with the playful imagery you remember from the classic Nickelodeon cartoon. One pair of Fila Original Fitness shoes features Angelica, Tommy, Chucky, Reptar, and Spike in a stripe on the outside of the sneaker and other characters like Phil and Kimi on the sole. The Rugrats-edition of the Fila Ray Tracers are Reptar-themed, with dinosaur-green accents and a tiny Reptar attacking the Fila logo. The plain white Disruptor II shoes are embellished with several Rugrats logos, and all shoes have one Rugrats logo on the heel.

Rugrats-branded sneaker.
Champs, Fila

If you aren't interested in sneakers, the new Fila line also includes shirts and hoodies inspired by the show. One T-shirt shows Chuckie rocking a pair of Fila sneakers, and another shows the entire cast of babies, including Susie, Dil, and Kimi.

You can buy a Rugrats T-shirt for $35 and a hoodie for $65. The sneakers range in price from $60 to $75. After checking out the apparel at the Champs store, see how it was designed in the video below.

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