15 Damn Fine Twin Peaks Products

Feliz Navidad
Feliz Navidad

With the revival of Twin Peaks, we can all go back to the small town where a yellow light still means slow down, not speed up. Here are some products to enjoy alongside the premiere of the new season of everyone's favorite cult drama.


The Novel

As a companion to the third season, co-creator Mark Frost wrote a multimedia novel that covers the larger history and culture of Twin Peaks. The story is told through an FBI dossier, with a timeline that starts with journals of Lewis and Clark and ends with the beginning of season three. The book has illustrations, maps, and newspaper clippings to make it feel more convincing.

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Cherry pie filling

We'll never get to try the damn good coffee and pie served at the Double R diner, but we can still imagine it. This jar of cherry pie filling from the Salish Lodge & Spa, which was used to film the exteriors of the Great Northern Hotel, will get you one step closer to the real deal.

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Action figures

Create your own mystery with these Funko action figures of Agent Dale Cooper, Laura Palmer, Bob, and the Log Lady. The 3-3/4-inch-tall figures are great for displaying in your rustic, wood-paneled home.

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Pin ups

Emma Munger reimagines the characters of Twin Peaks as sexy pin-up models. You can check out her whole series, which includes Dale Cooper, Audrey Horne, Annie Blackburn, and plenty of characters from other non-Twin Peaks '90s classics.

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Owl cave shirt

Get the intriguing Native American petroglyph on a shirt and always know the right way to Glastonbury Grove.

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Fish pin

Don't drink that coffee! This enamel pin features a minor but memorable joke in the first episode of Twin Peaks .

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7. LOG PILLOW; $15

Log pillow

Cuddle up with your log without getting any splinters. This log pillow from Kikkerland is perfect for Log Lady costumes or just snuggling up on your couch.

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8. PERFUME; $88


You can't smell a television show, but it's easy to imagine what the world of Twin Peaks might smell like. This trio of scents, created by a perfumer who lives in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, uses scents of evergreen, cedar, and more mysterious ingredients in a line aptly called the “Wonderful & Strange Liquid Music Trio.”

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The amazing soundtrack of Twin Peaks has been reissued for your enjoyment. It's pressed on 180-gram brown vinyl that's meant to look like coffee. The record comes with a lyric sheet and liner notes, all housed in a sleeve with artwork by Sam Smith.

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Get a necklace dedicated to the prequel movie Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. The piece of jewelry is shaped like one of the Best Friends necklaces in the movie (which also play a role in the show).

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Get the natural beauty of Washington State right on your wall with this tapestry. It comes in three sizes: 60, 80, or 104 inches long.

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Saddle shoes

Do your best Audrey Horne impression with these saddle shoes. Now all you need is a retro sweater and fierce eyebrows.

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13. SWEATER; $90


Speaking of sweaters, this jumper from Feliz Navidad is just begging to enter your wardrobe. The sweater is knitted and sewn in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Although pricey, the company offers a payment plan without interest.

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14. RECIPE BOOK; $18

Recipe book

The best way to enjoy the premiere of the third season is with the right food. This unofficial cookbook will help you make pie and other meals based off the show.

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15. KEY CHAIN; $9


Get a retro hotel keychain for the Great Northern Hotel, where Agent Cooper stayed and many of the show's pivotal scenes took place.

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15 Facts About Rushmore On Its 20th Anniversary

The Criterion Collection
The Criterion Collection

On December 11, 1998, Wes Anderson introduced the world to his unique brand of whimsical comedy with Rushmore. Though it wasn't his feature directorial debut—he had released Bottle Rocket, which he adapted from a short, in 1996—it was his first major Hollywood movie. And kicked off his still-ongoing collaborations with a stable of talented actors that includes Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman. It was also the second film Anderson co-wrote with Owen Wilson.

To celebrate the quirky comedy's 20th anniversary, here are some things you might not know about Rushmore.

1. Rushmore Academy was the director's Alma Mater.

Wes Anderson sent location scouts across the United States and Canada to find the perfect high school to shoot the movie. He was having a tough time trying to find the school, until his mother sent him a picture of his old high school in Houston, Texas: St. John's School. Anderson thought it was the perfect location to make the movie.

2. Bill Murray wanted to make Rushmore for free.

Bill Murray in Rushmore (1998)
The Criterion Collection

Once Bill Murray read the screenplay, he wanted to be in the movie so badly that he considered appearing in it for free. Murray ended up working on Rushmore at scale with the Screen Actors Guild day rate minimum for smaller indie film projects. Anderson estimated that Murray made about $9000 for his work on the film.

3. Film critic Pauline Kael had a private screening.

Pauline Kael’s film criticism was a major influence on Anderson’s view of cinema. “Your thoughts and writing about the movies [have] been a very important source of inspiration for me and my movies, and I hope you don't regret that," he once wrote to her.

Kael retired from The New Yorker in 1991, so Anderson arranged for her to have a private screening of Rushmore before the film came out in 1998. He wrote about the screening in the introduction to the published version of the screenplay, and shared what Kael told him about the film: "I genuinely don't know what to make of this movie."

4. It was Jason Schwartzman’s first film role.

Casting directors searched throughout the United States, Canada, and England to find a young actor to play the lead role of Max Fischer. Australian actor Noah Taylor was the frontrunner for the part when, on the last day of casting in Los Angeles, Jason Schwartzman auditioned. He was wearing a prep school blazer with a Rushmore Academy patch that he made himself.

5. Owen Wilson's private school experiences inspired some of the movie's plot points.

As a sophomore at St. Mark High School in Dallas, Texas, Rushmore co-writer Owen Wilson was expelled for stealing his geometry teacher's textbook (the one that contained all the answers); he went to Thomas Jefferson High School to complete 10th grade. This was the inspiration for when Max is expelled from Rushmore Academy and is forced to attend Grover Cleveland High School.

Although Wilson doesn’t have a credited role in Rushmore, he does appear as Ms. Cross’s deceased husband, Edward Appleby, in a photo in Appleby’s childhood bedroom.

6. Wilson's Dad Inspired a Moment in the Movie.

Wilson’s father, Robert Wilson, was the inspiration for Herman Blume’s speech about privilege at the beginning of Rushmore.

7. Alexis Bledel was an extra in the film.

Getty Images

Before she starred as Rory Gilmore on Gilmore Girls, actress Alexis Bledel was an uncredited extra—she played a Grover Cleveland High School student—in Rushmore. You can see her in the background in various scenes, including dancing with the character Magnus Buchan (Stephen McCole) at the end of the film.

8. Both Anderson and Wilson's brothers had parts in the movie.

Owen and Luke Wilson’s older brother Andrew plays Rushmore Academy’s baseball coach, Coach Beck. He also appeared in Anderson’s directorial debut, Bottle Rocket, playing the bully John Mapplethorpe.

Eric Chase Anderson, Wes's brother, plays the architect who designs Max’s aquarium.

9. The Movie's Editor Made a Cameo.

Rushmore editor David Moritz plays the Dynamite Salesman; he sells Max the dynamite and explosives for his stage play Heaven and Hell at the end of the film.

10. Producers Made a Deal to get a Bentley.

Producers needed a Bentley for Murray's character, Herman Blume, but Rushmore’s production budget was only $20 million and they couldn’t afford to rent one. A Houston resident was willing to lend them his Bentley if they gave his daughter a role in the film. Producers agreed; the man's daughter plays an usher who seats Miss Cross at Max’s play at the end of the movie.

11. Mason Gamble's role in Dennis the Menace almost cost him the part of Dirk Calloway in Rushmore.

Mason Gamble in Rushmore (1998)
The Criterion Collection

Wilson referred to the character of Dirk Calloway, played by Mason Gamble, as the conscience of the film. Originally, Anderson didn’t want to cast Gamble in the part because of the actor’s previous—and very recognizable—role as Dennis Mitchell in the 1993 live-action movie Dennis the Menace.

12. Rushmore Upset Francis Ford Coppola.

Director Francis Ford Coppola owns a winery, and when he first saw Rushmore, he was upset with Anderson because he used Coppola’s chief Napa Valley wine rival during Max's post-play celebration. (It probably didn't help matters that Coppola is Schwartzman's uncle.)

13. Anderson's Brother Did the Movie's Criterion Collection Artwork.

The Criterion Collection edition of 'Rushmore' (1998)
The Criterion Collection

Eric Chase Anderson did the artwork for the Criterion Collection DVD cover, an interoperation of a shot from the montage of Max’s extracurricular activities at the beginning of the movie. The Yankee Racer shot is itself a recreation of a photo from French photographer Jacques Henri Lartigue, taken in 1909 when he was only 15.

14. Schwartzman waxed his chest to play Max.

Although Max only shows his chest once in the film (during the high school wrestling match), Anderson made Schwartzman wax his chest for the duration of Rushmore's filming.

15. The Max Fischer Players Appeared on MTV.

During the 1999 MTV Movie Awards, the Max Fischer Players recreated the year's hit movies—The Truman Show, Armageddon, and Out of Sight—as stage plays.

An earlier version of this article ran in 2014.

Harry Potter Star Daniel Radcliffe Says Broadway Made Him a Better Actor

Dominik Bindl, Getty Images
Dominik Bindl, Getty Images

For 10 years, moviegoers watched as Daniel Radcliffe matured on film throughout eight Harry Potter films. But the 29-year-old recently revealed that he believes the bulk of his professional growth has occurred as a result of his Broadway stage work.

“It gives me a lot of confidence as an actor, which is not always something that I’ve felt,” Radcliffe told Variety. “I feel like doing theater ... it was really very important for me psychologically.”

Radcliffe starred in a number of films after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, the final film in the franchise, including The Woman in Black, Now You See Me 2, and Lost in London. His Broadway credits include Equus, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, and The Cripple of Inishmaan.

“There’s something about doing it without an editor to save you, or a myriad of things in post-production that can help you out, something that made me go: ‘OK, I can act,’" Radcliffe continued. "I’ve grown a little bit as an actor every time I’ve gone back to the theater."

Radcliffe crediting his professional growth to working in theater may leave some Potterheads wondering if he thinks playing Harry Potter for so long held him back.

“Not professionally, at all,” he said. “There were moments when probably I coped with the personal effects of Harry Potter not as well as I could have. But professionally, no.”

According to Radcliffe, "There are directors that were, I think, excited to—I am quoting one of them here and I won’t say who—'reinvent' me.”

Radcliffe fans can gauge that reinvention for themselves with The Lifespan of a Fact, the new Broadway play starring Radcliffe, Bobby Cannavale, and Cherry Jones. It is running at New York City's Studio 54 through January 13, 2019.