Say Goodbye to Awkward Shoe-Switches with These Interchangeable Heels

A woman changing from sneakers to heels.
A woman changing from sneakers to heels.

High heels look great in the office, but they may not feel great while commuting to work. For fashionistas who wouldn’t be caught dead pairing Pumas with a power suit, German startup Mime et Moi has designed a line of shoes with interchangeable heels, allowing wearers to change their shape, size, and height while on the go.

German retailer Mime et Moi makes shoes that come with interchangeable heels of different heights, sizes, and shapes.
Mime et Moi
Mime et Moi

The shoes come in a variety of colors and materials. Each one can be paired with multiple snap-on heel options—including high, block heels, and low heels—that fit into a purse or bag. A little lever on the shoe’s sole lets wearers detach the heel and slide a new one on. Step down, and it clicks into place.

Mime et Moi’s shoes are already available for purchase in Europe, following a successful Kickstarter campaign. Now, the company has launched a follow-up fundraiser, with plans to debut their designs worldwide by winter 2017.

You can preorder a pair of Mime et Moi heels on Kickstarter, or online if you live in Europe. Kickstarter prices start at 125 € (about $137) for a package that includes a shoe bag, a pair of Mime et Moi shoes, the flat heels as well as another pair of heels, and a heel bag.

Disney’s Steamboat Willie Has Been Immortalized in LEGO


Mickey Mouse recently turned 90 years old, and soon, you’ll be able to celebrate with LEGO. Steamboat Willie, the classic Disney short film that introduced Mickey Mouse to the world in 1928, has now been recreated in a LEGO set that will be released on April 1.

The 751-piece LEGO version of the S.S. Willie features grayscale bricks that recreate the original black-and-white aesthetic of the original film. The 10-inch-long LEGO boat features moving steam pipes and paddle wheels and comes with new Mickey and Minnie minifigures. It’s also equipped with a ship’s wheel, a life buoy, a buildable bell, and a working crane that can lift the vessel’s potato-bin cargo.

LEGO's Steamboat Willie set

The Steamboat Willie set was born out of the company’s fan-generated LEGO Ideas initiative several years ago. Creator Máté Szabó submitted the idea to LEGO in June 2016, then LEGO designers John Ho and Crystal Marie Fontan worked to adapt the set for retail sale, creating decorative elements and the new Mickey and Minnie Mouse minifigures.

LEGO's Steamboat Willie set

Buy the kit on the LEGO Store website for $90 starting April 1. If you can't wait to get your LEGO fix, check out the company's other Mickey Mouse-themed products here.

Start Your Morning Right With the Alarm Clock That Makes You Coffee

For those who can't function in the morning, a cup of coffee is key. For those who can't even function enough to make that cup of coffee, there's the Barisieur. This innovative alarm clock (now available at Urban Outfitters) awakens the sleeper with the smell of coffee and the gentle rattle of stainless steel ball bearings as the water boils.

Take sugar or milk? There's a special compartment for milk so the liquid stays fresh and cool until you're ready to use it in the morning. On the front, there's a drawer for sugar. The whole tray can even be removed for easy cleaning.

Not a coffee fan? The Barisieur also brews loose-leaf tea.

The milk vessel of the coffee alarm clock
Barisieur, Urban Outfitters

The gadget also has an actual alarm that can be set to sound before or during the coffee making process. 

This invention was thought up by product designer Joshua Renouf as part of his studies at Nottingham Trent University in the UK. Though the idea started as just a prototype for class back in 2015, Renouf managed to make it a reality, and you can now buy one of your very own.

At $445, the alarm clock is quite an investment, but for coffee lovers who have trouble forcing themselves out of bed, it might be more than worth it. Go ahead, picture waking up slowly to the smell of roasted coffee beans and only having to sit up in bed and enjoy.

Buy it at one of the retailers below:


A version of this article first ran in 2015. It has been updated to reflect the product's current availability.

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