Introducing the Frork, McDonald's New Utensil Made from Fries


Lately, fast food companies have been serving their signature sandwiches with a side of self-aware satire. During the week before April Fool’s Day, for example, Burger King released a mock infomercial for "Whopper Toothpaste," which promised to give customers long-lasting burger breath. Now, Vocativ reports that McDonald’s has introduced a new custom utensil called the “frork”—a fork with French fries as prongs.

Unlike Whopper Toothpaste, the frork actually exists: It was designed to promote the franchise’s Signature Crafted Recipes sandwiches, which include Pico Guacamole, Sweet BBQ Bacon, and Maple Bacon Dijon. All three burgers have one thing in common: an abundance of messy toppings. (Check out the infomercial touting their “frork” below.)

“When savoring these recipes, there’s a hitch you just can’t ditch: the topping dropping,” McDonald’s pitchman (and infomercial superstar) Anthony Sullivan explains in the video. To ensure that no mouthful of guacamole, barbecue sauce, or Dijon is wasted, simply insert some fries into the silicon gadget’s slots, and use them to scoop or sop up the sandwich’s excess condiments.

“Will the Frork change your life? Probably not,” Sullivan says in the video. “Will the Frork improve your Signature Crafted Recipes eating experience? I mean, sure … maybe.”

Customers can snag their own free frorks, or a coupon for a free Signature Crafted Recipes sandwich, by calling 1-844-McD-FRORK. And on May 5, select McDonald’s locations around the country will distribute Frorks to customers who purchase a Signature Crafted Sandwich, while supplies last.

[h/t Vocativ]

Wisconsin Brewery Rolls Out a Candy Corn Beer

Move over, pumpkin ale. A brewery in the Milwaukee area has brewed up some candy corn beer just in time for Halloween. According to WMUR News 9, the sugary cream ale will be served on tap at the Westallion Brewing Company in West Allis, Wisconsin, throughout October.

The divisive confection is typically made from sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, and artificial coloring, but the brewery decided to make its own flavoring. “Instead of smashing up some candy corns and throwing them in our beer, we made our own candy corn out of less beer-destructive ingredients and threw them into our beer!” the brewery said in a Facebook post. “At the base, we created a cream ale using lactose sugars to keep some sweetness, but added Simcoe hops to create a bit of a bite and a balance (and maybe help remind us that it’s still beer?).”

While candy corn beer is likely to be less popular than its seasonal pumpkin counterpart, other breweries have taken on the challenge in the past. In 2016, The Star Tribune reported that a candy corn imperial ale was “scary popular” at Urban Growler, a microbrewery in St. Paul, Minnesota. "It started as a joke three years ago when we needed to come up with a fall beer," co-owner/master brewer Deb Loch told the paper. "It went over so well that we had to make it every year."

Cigar City Brewing in Tampa, Florida, has also made a Candy Corn IPA in the past, and one brave soul sought advice from the community in 2009 on how to brew an appropriate beer for a “Hate Candy Corn Party.” Some inspiration for your next Halloween bash, perhaps?

[h/t WMUR]

Find the Best Wine to Pair With Your Favorite Halloween Candy


When you're a kid, Halloween is all about the candy. Unfortunately, the more sophisticated palate that often comes with adulthood can dampen the former thrill of a holiday that’s largely about cheap scares and even cheaper candy.

Thankfully, the folks at Vivino, a popular wine app, have found a way to help elevate the Halloween candy game (and with it, your joy). Their “Halloween Candy and Wine Matchmaker” pairs popular candies, from Skittles to Swedish Fish, with wine selections, to make sure your many treats complement one another.

As Vivino founder Heini Zachariassen told The Huffington Post, "Our candy and wine matchmaker is a fun way for our users to learn and talk about wine in a way that feels relatable and fun. Besides, Halloween is scary enough, we don't think picking a wine needs to be."

The best news of all? Many of the wines and candies have multiple pairing options—which means you can try out different flavor combos faster than you can say “trick or treat.”