The Missing Links: How to Become A Puppeteer

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You Don’t See A Lot of Puppeteers on Career Day

I don’t recall ever knowing a puppeteer. Or knowing anyone who knew a puppeteer. Or knowing anyone that wanted to be a puppeteer. Maybe my social circle is just way too small. This article explains just how someone finds themselves in a puppetry career.


And One Last Thing...

This list of Unusual Dying Wishes shows that the classic coffin and grave isn’t for everyone. However, if one of my loved ones requested what Angel Pantoja Medina requested, I would have been way too weirded out to comply.


And You Thought Golf Was Boring

That was before you realized that it includes hovercrafts.


The Bluth Family Reunion

There is finally a date when long-suffering fans of Arrested Development (like me) will be able enjoy some new episodes. In fact, they can watch 15 new episodes in a single day. I’m totally gonna.


Space Junk

There are 30,000 satellites, pieces of radars and other miscellaneous man-made objects floating around in space. What exactly are they doing up there?


Earth Junk

There are millions and millions of pieces of man-made garbage being disposed of every day right here on Earth. What exactly happens with and to it? A new book gives a look inside the world of New York City Sanitation employees.



Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated 45 years ago today. On that terrible day, LIFE photographer Henry Groskinsky heard what had happened, drove to the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, and took these photographs.


Creating the King’s Game

Smithsonian explores how kings and queens and rooks and knights and pawns came to look the way they look.

April 4, 2013 - 3:30pm
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