Morning Cup of Links: The Colors of Holi

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The brilliant colors of India's Holi festival. Bright powder and dyes are thrown around to welcome in the spring season.
A Convincing Argument That The Walking Dead And Toy Story Are One And The Same. The similarities are uncanny, and may possibly contain spoilers.
The annual Christmas Island crab migration is a jaw-dropping show. If you can't make it to the other side of the world in the fall, watch the millions of synchronized moving crabs on video.
The third season of Game of Thrones will follow the George R. R. Martin novel A Storm of Swords, the most complicated book in the series. Critics who've seen a few of the new shows say the television version translates the original material quite well.  
Italy wants Amanda Knox to come back and stand trial again for murder. Meanwhile, her memoirs will still be released as scheduled on April 30th.
Israelis Get Kosher Cigarettes for Passover. For the first time, smokes are available that have been vetted by rabbis.
Hauntingly Empty Photos of Infamous War Landmarks. I recognized every one of these backgrounds even without the iconic subjects.

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