The Missing Links: The Star Wars Truther Movement

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Star Wars Truthers Unite

A new conspiracy has been discovered in a galaxy far, far away.


Talk to Me Like I’m A Child

I tell people this all of the time. So I love that Reddit will be taking that approach to explain complex global matters to people.


Terrible Suggestions For Great Films

Inspired by the notes executives gave Ridley Scott on Blade Runner, Flavorwire has compiled a cool list of classic films and the idiotic notes offered by the studio executives overseeing them. Probably best to just leave the movie making to the moviemakers.


The Q*bert Quest

A grown man’s journey to arcade endurance is an interesting examination of video game obsession.


Old Vegas

Life takes you inside the world of old school Sin City.


Human Flight Is Real

I thought I was pretty cool for going skydiving. It turns out I am not daring at all. These wingsuit flyers are daring.


Walking the Line

And then I come across this article about a planned tightrope walk 1500-feet above the Grand Canyon. Have I ever really lived?


Stop With the Vertical Videos

If you’re going to shoot video on your phone, please watch this PSA first.

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March 19, 2013 - 3:30pm
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