Beauty and Brains

This gallery of brain-inspired paintings by a neuroscience-PhD-turned-artist has a lovely minimalist quality for work inspired by such a complex organ. 


Those talking heads on the TV screen don’t know as much as they think they do, and with this primer on 5 False Assumptions Political Pundits Make All the Time, you can avoid their gaffes and become the smuggest person around the watercooler the next day.


Vanity Fair wants you to know that they saw those Oscar winners coming before you did: for the past 20 years they've used their Vanities section to showcase stars on the rise. Here, they look back at some of their best predictions, including Ben Affleck, Leonardo DiCaprio, and both Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal.


Happy 90th birthday, Time! This two-minute montage pays homage to 90 years of its historical magazine covers.


Finalists in Smithsonian’s 2012 Photo Contest have entries in the categories of The Natural World, Travel, People, Americana and Altered Images. Voting is open until March 29th, but so many of the images are stunning that you’ll have your work cut out for you.


According to this comparison of the most popular American baby names from 1994 to those of current Yale undergraduates, prerequisites for Ivy League admission are high SAT scores, extracurriculars, and that you not be named Brandon, Ashley, Justin, or Courtney.


For you Papal completists in the audience, The Guardian has a list of every Pope ever. Gotta catch ‘em all.


For the next two years, a public art display of 25,000 LEDs along San Francisco’s Bay Bridge will light up the sky each night from dusk to 2:00 a.m.

Now You Can Wear Your Favorite Dunkin' Coffee Flavor as Nail Polish


Dunkin'—the coffee chain formerly known as Dunkin' Donuts—is getting into the beauty business. For a limited time, nail polish inspired by Dunkin's flavored coffees will be available at select nail salons across the country.

The nail polish line includes eight freshly brewed shades. Three pay homage to Dunkin's new signature lattes—cocoa mocha, caramel craze, and blueberry crisp—and three are inspired by the seasonal Baskin-Robbins ice cream-flavored coffees: butter pecan, pistachio almond fudge, and banana split. Nail polishes in Dunkin's iconic pink and orange color palette are also available.

The collection is a collaboration between Dunkin' and the vegan-friendly nail polish company Lauren B. Beauty. While supplies last, the products will be available at certain nail salons in 10 cities where Dunkin' operates, including Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, and Boston. Each purchase of the branded nail polish comes with a $3 Dunkin' gift card. To see if a salon in your area is participating, check out the map below.

Dunkin' isn't the first fast food chain to release its own nail polish line. In 2016, KFC released edible "finger-licking" nail polish that, yes, tasted like chicken.

Australian Family Walking Dog Named Lucky Discovers $24,000 Gold Nugget

An Australian dog named Lucky has lived up to his name. As the Bendigo Advertiser reports, a family from Bendigo in Victoria were walking their pet on May 12 when they literally stumbled upon a hunk of rock resembling gold on the ground. Experts have confirmed that the 20-ounce nugget is indeed gold, and in its intact state it's worth an estimated $24,000.

A father and his two daughters—who wish to remain anonymous—were taking their dog Lucky for a morning walk when one of the girls hit something with her foot. She noticed it wasn't an ordinary rock, and asked her Dad if it might be gold. He suspected it was and took their find to a nearby supermarket to weigh it on the deli scale.

Weighing over a pound, the gold nugget could earn the family a small fortune if they wish to sell it. The father says he does plan to find a buyer eventually; he had been struggling financially, and he told the Bendigo Advertiser the lucky event "couldn't be better timing."

The family has decided to keep the location of the discovery a secret. They plan to go for more walks in the area in hopes of striking gold twice.

[h/t Bendigo Advertiser]