The Missing Links: Return to the Bates Motel

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The Bates Motel Is Almost Open

The new show Bates Motel premieres later this month. As a gigantic Hitchcock fan I am very excited.The  show is a prequel to the movie Psycho and stars Freddie “Oh My God He Used to Be the Sweetest Little Kid in the World Now He’s Playing Norman Bates” Highmore. Check out this interactive site that allows you to explore the Bates Motel and see short preview clips of the show.


Right Before This Happened, Big Bird Said “I Love You”

And Elmo said “I know”. And then Elmo was frozen in carbonite.


What Is the Sequester?

If you're thinking it’s similar to a jury being sequestered and they’re just going to lock Congress and the President in a big room and not let them out until they make a final decision, then you’re way off. But I like that idea.


The First Rule of the Quesarito is You Do Not Talk About the Quesarito

In the grand tradition of secret fast food menu items, please make yourself familiar with the mysterious “Quesarito”.


Slip On Your Princess Leia Underoos...

Pour yourself a big bowl of Gremlins cereal and enjoy this list of odd 80s movie tie-in merchandise.


"Just Kidding—I Was Fired Today”

The CEO of Groupon was completely honest on his way out the door. If he needs to destress in the next couple days I know a site where he can get a great deal on a vacation or a spa package.


The NFL’s First Female Player?

Lauren Silberman is making history by attending an NFL combine tryout.


It’s About Time, Science

It’s 2013 and we’re only just now putting a working eyeball on a tadpole. What was the holdup?


Cutting the head off of the snake

Poisoned mice ought to do the trick.

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March 1, 2013 - 3:30pm
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