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14 Hand-Painted Geeky Shoe Designs

Beauty for the Geek
Beauty for the Geek

While plenty of people have geeky tee shirts, nerdy shoes are far less common—but shoes are great because, unlike tees, you can wear them day in and day out if you so please. If you’re ready to put your best geek foot forward, here are a few great shoe designs to get you started.

1. The Doctor and The TARDIS

Can’t get enough of The Doctor and his beloved TARDIS? Then head to Etsy seller TooCrazyGirl’s shop and grab a pair of these great Doctor Who sneakers. You can choose between a bow tie and suspenders with the quote "Trust me, I'm the Doctor" or a neck tie and a pinstriped jacket with the phrase "Allons-y!"

2. Silence

Do you forget where you left your shoes the second you take them off? Well, forget about ever remembering where you put these Silence shoes by Etsy seller Scrapcrafter. After all, they’re designed just to make you forget.

3. Dalek

The Dalek “To Victory” poster has proven to be one of the most popular designs ever released by the BBC. If you don’t really dig posters and would rather share this design on your feet, head over to Etsy seller TheWhitelicorice and grab a pair of these sneakers.

4. Star Wars

Toms are great for the charitable nature of the company. If you love the idea of a person in need receiving a free pair of shoes for the pair you bought, then grab a pair of Etsy seller EastBayCalifornia’s awesomely detailed Star Wars shoes.

5. Yoda

When it comes to amazing custom shoe paintings, it’s hard to beat What’s Shop. As these amazing Yoda Converse prove, the artists at What’s Shop might just be some of the most amazing shoe painters in the world. Of course, that talent comes at a price: Their shoes sell for $150 and up. Fortunately, if you can’t afford a pair, you can always enjoy looking at their magnificent paintings on their Tumblr.

6. Angry Birds Avengers

If you’re wondering how high What’s Shop’s prices reach, look no further than these one-of-a-kind Angry Birds Avengers Converse. Since this is the only pair the company will ever make, they’ll set you back a cool $850.

7. Amazing Spider-Man

Of course, many of What’s Shop’s designs are one-off designs made for customer special orders. Some of the designs will never even appear in their shop, like these Amazing Spider-Man Converse that are, in fact, amazing.

8. Marvel Heroes

Etsy seller BBEE is also well known and extremely talented when it comes to custom shoe creations, which is why the shop is able to charge $250 for this pair of Marvel Vans.

9. Batman and Joker

If you can’t afford to have a professional make you a custom pair of shoes, you can always see if someone you know might be willing to do it for you. Redditor Zacch asked his mother to make him a pair of Batman shoes and the results were impressive enough to get him over 2600 upvotes.

10. Batman

Sometimes it’s hard to be a fashionable geek girl. While there are plenty of geek sneakers out there, it’s much harder to express yourself with shoes that will match your favorite dress. Fortunately, these sparkly Batman flats by Etsy seller strollingcanvases look great with all kinds of fashion ensembles.

11. Paper Mario

Of the entire Mario series, Paper Mario is perhaps the cutest, with the characters bearing such adorably juvenile faces. That’s why it was such a good decision on the part of Etsy seller blacknorns to choose that incarnation for these fantastic stiletto heels.

12. Bubble Bobble

These two adorable dinosaurs make a basic pair of blue flats into something infinitely more fun and fashionable. In fact, even if people aren’t familiar with the classic game, they’ll most likely still appreciate the cute characters painted on these shoes by Etsy seller MagicBeanBuyer.

13. Rebel Alliance

Sparkly, pink, and nerdy! Now that’s a super girly geek’s dream shoe, and can you blame them when these pink Rebel Alliance flats by Etsy seller aishavoya are so darn cute?

14. Darth Maul

Beauty For the Geek specializes in making custom, hand-painted geek heels. While all the designs in their photo gallery are impressive, their Darth Maul designs are particularly fantastic because they not only feature a special paint job, but the spikes in the back make them truly fit the inspiration.

Of course, if you don’t like any of these designs, but love the idea of having your own custom geek shoes, then you can always try making your own. Geek With Curves has a great article on how to organize a shoe decorating party, and even if you prefer to work solo, the piece has plenty of useful ideas and inspiration to get you started on your own special shoe designs.

The Getty Center, Surrounded By Wildfires, Will Leave Its Art Where It Is

The wildfires sweeping through California have left countless homeowners and businesses scrambling as the blazes continue to grow out of control in various locations throughout the state. While art lovers worried when they heard that Los Angeles's Getty Center would be closing its doors this week, as the fires closed part of the 405 Freeway, there was a bit of good news. According to museum officials, the priceless works housed inside the famed Getty Center are said to be perfectly secure and won't need to be evacuated from the facility.

“The safest place for the art is right here at the Getty,” Ron Hartwig, the Getty’s vice president of communications, told the Los Angeles Times. According to its website, the museum was closed on December 5 and December 6 “to protect the collections from smoke from fires in the region,” but as of now, the art inside is staying put.

Though every museum has its own way of protecting the priceless works inside it, the Los Angeles Times notes that the Getty Center was constructed in such a way as to protect its contents from the very kind of emergency it's currently facing. The air throughout the gallery is filtered by a system that forces it out, rather than a filtration method which would bring air in. This system will keep the smoke and air pollutants from getting into the facility, and by closing the museum this week, the Getty is preventing the harmful air from entering the building through any open doors.

There is also a water tank at the facility that holds 1 million gallons in reserve for just such an occasion, and any brush on the property is routinely cleared away to prevent the likelihood of a fire spreading. The Getty Villa, a separate campus located in the Pacific Palisades off the Pacific Coast Highway, was also closed out of concern for air quality this week.

The museum is currently working with the police and fire departments in the area to determine the need for future closures and the evacuation of any personnel. So far, the fires have claimed more than 83,000 acres of land, leading to the evacuation of thousands of people and the temporary closure of I-405, which runs right alongside the Getty near Los Angeles’s Bel-Air neighborhood.

This 77-Year-Old Artist Saves Money on Art Supplies by 'Painting' in Microsoft Excel

It takes a lot of creativity to turn a blank canvas into an inspired work of art. Japanese artist Tatsuo Horiuchi makes his pictures out of something that’s even more dull than a white page: an empty spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel.

When he retired, the 77-year-old Horiuchi, whose work was recently spotlighted by Great Big Story, decided he wanted to get into art. At the time, he was hesitant to spend money on painting supplies or even computer software, though, so he began experimenting with one of the programs that was already at his disposal.

Horiuchi's unique “painting” method shows that in the right hands, Excel’s graph-building features can be used to bring colorful landscapes to life. The tranquil ponds, dense forests, and blossoming flowers in his art are made by drawing shapes with the software's line tool, then adding shading with the bucket tool.

Since picking up the hobby in the 2000s, Horiuchi has been awarded multiple prizes for his creative work with Excel. Let that be inspiration for Microsoft loyalists who are still broken up about the death of Paint.

You can get a behind-the-scenes look at the artist's process in the video below.

[h/t Great Big Story]


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