The Missing Links: When Animals Used to Be Put On Trial

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The People vs. Pig

There was actually a time when pigs and other domesticated animals were put on trial in a court of law. With an actual judge. And lawyers.


Speaking of Animals In Court

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is suing Carnival Cruise Lines for their use of his name.


An Amazing Love Story

This man doesn’t recall anything of any kind but for one very important detail about his wife.


A Confusing Love Story

This man died for love, I guess, or something like that.


Yeah, I’m Sure That Was Just A “Meteorite”

That’s exactly what “they” want you to think. Who are “they”? "They" could be anyone. Bone up on what “really” happened with this rundown of the best Russian meteorite conspiracy theories.


Ol' Blue Eyes & The Hairpiece Challenge

Check out Frank Sinatra’s interesting proposition.


The Academy Connections

Many of this year’s Oscar nominees know one another.


C’mon, No Way This Happened

This news headline is just so perfect and beautiful and meant for the internet. The offense itself is terrible. But still.

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February 21, 2013 - 3:30pm
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