Weekend Links: Nerdy Gadgets That Make Great Gifts

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Tyree Callahan

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From Jeremy, 15 Gadgets Worth Giving To Nerds. The tablet typewriter is basically my dream come true.
20 words you probably didn’t know were inspired by real people. All hail thee, Earl of Cardigan!
The 3-D craze continues, this time: in spaaaace!! 3D printers could make food for astronauts.
Hilarious: Jeremy Clarkson is exhilarated and terrified to drive the world's tiniest car, which makes him look like a LEGO astronaut.
The Case of the Disappearing Homing Pigeons. Needless to say, they did not find their way home … but why?
The only thing that could beat it? Or maybe tie … The Chromatic Typewriter. If only it was real! On the other hand, art can be made from typewriters.
In light of the horse meat scandal in Britain, an intriguing (scary?) article from the Smithsonian on how not to get duped by six foods that might not be the real deal.
Neil Gaiman is working on a series of stories that you can help inspire. And yes, it is sponsored by Blackberry but … Neil Gaiman, y'all. Pick your battles!
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Stay tuned -- more links on the way (my final batch! Details tomorrow). In the meantime, keep sending your Flossy finds to FlossyLinks@gmail.com.

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February 9, 2013 - 1:00am
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