Weekend Links: A Brief History of Nerds

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If you haven't see the Disney short "Paperman," get thee to it! Lovely animation (CG made to look hand drawn) and a cute story.
Very informative regarding the rise of the nerds: A Brief History Of Nerds In Pop Culture (the comments are absolutely worth reading. And according to their diagram, I am apparently a geek).
For Occupy Conan, some very talented fans sent in recreated clips from the show that were edited together to form an episode. Laughing Squid has the full episode, plus a link to all of the clips used.
Shattering your dreams, one picture set at a time: the before and after special effects from various notable scenes.
From the Annals of Too Much Time: what do 60,000 dominoes falling sound like?
Need to get away? How about taking a tour of Mars? (or part of it). Greeley Haven is the winter workplace for the Mars Rover.
Animals are not great athletes you say? Surely you jest! Here is a supercut of Great Moments in Animal Sports (Dear Lord these movies …)
Not for the squeamish, here are 10 astonishing (and pretty gross) examples of bizarre parasitic life cycles.
Literally Unbelievable tracks Facebook users serious comments about fake articles/headlines from The Onion. I don't know what is sadder about this, the fact that people would believe these things are true, or that news is such that they very well could be.
A big thank to everyone who sent in links this week -- keep it up! Don't forget to send in your finds and sundries to FlossyLinks@gmail.com

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February 3, 2013 - 10:15am
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