The Missing Links: Robots Get No Respect

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Robots Get No Love

Actual science has determined that human beings have very little compassion for robot torture. I wonder if they’d be bothered by water(mother)boarding.


Supervillain Singalong

io9 has compiled a list of the 26 best supervillain songs of all time, and it is wonderful.


You Are Hereby Banished

Unless that’s not entirely legal.


Just One More Zombie Thing: Teddy Bears

UndeadTeds are so cool/cuddly/creepy. Who knew teddy bears have real brains?


M-I-C: See You Real Soon Only If You’re A Member of the Secret Club

A while back, Stacy Conradt offered a great rundown of Disneyland’s ultra-exclusive Club 33. Here, the Daily Mail provides some pictures of what it looks like inside.


Your Elementary Teachers Were Filthy Liars

It’s a global conspiracy! The concept of “silent reading” is a myth.


Be A Better Human

With even more Life Hacks.


Let's _Floss-ify Super Bowl Week

On Sunday, the Ravens will play the 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII. The Ravens are named after the famous poem by Edgar Allan Poe. The 49ers are named for those that flocked out west in 1849 to find gold.

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January 28, 2013 - 3:30pm
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