Weekend Links: Fruit Art

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Sarah Illenberger

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Playing with your food has never been so beautiful, or so strange ... behold! Fruit art.
An illusionist makes a kitten appear out of nowhere (I wish I had this power!) as a promotion for animal adoption. Not sure how it applies but I support it.
More animal activism: conserving Africa's wildlife through photography. Powerful and beautiful work.
60 insane cloud formations from around the world. Pretty much says it all! I never get tired of these. Have any of you ever witnessed one?
From Andy, a slideshow history from 1971 to 2012 of the Intel x86 in 20 CPUs, the chips that built the PC revolution.
The beach can be a lovely, relaxing … ack!! What is that?! Possibly one of six terrifying beach sculptures.
I've seen smaller batches of these here and there, but here are 100 amazing behind-the-scenes photos from iconic movies.
A big thanks to everyone who sent in links this week - keep it up! Send your Flossy finds to FlossyLinks@gmail.com, or drop me a tweet @keeneTV.

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January 20, 2013 - 11:06am
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