The Missing Links: Analyzing Your Signature

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What Do Signatures Say?

The signature of Jack Lew, possibly the next Secretary of the Treasury, has been getting a lot of attention lately because it will be appearing on cash. Jimmy Kimmel made a joke that Lew developed it while working as the decorator on a very iconic American treat. But what can we really tell about people from their signatures?


Things That Weren’t Needed: Human Tails
I’m not talking about how we, at one point along our evolutionary timeline, might have had tails. No, I’m talking about the new human tails that can be worn and actually wag because they know when you’re excited.

Holy weirdo creepiness.


Thumbtacks Are Old News
Mark your world travels by marking each place you’ve visited on this scratch-off world map.


Movies Can Explain
If you’d just give them the chance.


Sometimes You Have to Let It All Hang Out
Even your house.


The Most Important Accessory Your Home Can Have
This arcade machine can play 50,000 different games.


Stage to Screen
I agree that most of these musicals should be turned into films. I cannot get on board with Cats though.

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January 14, 2013 - 4:00pm
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