Weekend Links: Lost as a 16-bit RPG

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A 16-bit RPG for all six seasons of Lost. Really well done. Oh my fellow fans, what kind of show were we into?
From Brendan, a fantastic little video explaining the difference between Holland, the Netherlands, the Dutch, and a whole lot more.
A timelapse (my favorite, of course) of a flower. Lovely stuff.
From Drew, movie bar codes. Basically, every frame of a movie condensed into equal strips that create its own uniquely beautiful image, which is really telling about its overall cinematography. Beautiful. (Featured here, one of my favorite movies: Amelie)
More movie magic from Merinda: check out this polished promo reel Industrial Light and Magic made for The Avengers.
A look back at some of the trendy terms from the past year that have been newly introduced into the Collins online dictionary.
Become one with the game with full video game immersion: Microsoft IllumiRoom turns an entire room into a video game (is anyone else reminded of 1984 with this?)
A big thanks to everyone who sent in links this week -- keep it up! Send your Flossy finds to FlossyLinks@gmail.com.

January 13, 2013 - 9:30am
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