Brain Game: Not 'digit'

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First off, I should share the news that a T-shirt design that I suggested a while back is now available at the mental_floss store. Get yours today, and tell 'em that Sandy sent you.

You can solve today's Brain Game by just looking at it. Having said that, the answer might be a bit esoteric - but I have to keep you smart readers on your toes!

Here are 12 terms that I pulled from a computer book. As they're shown, each of these 12 terms has something very specific in common (other than being computer-related terms, of course). You may notice that every vowel except "i" is used in the list - but that's not the answer we're looking for. Can you figure it out? Good luck!

screen saver - common - errors
access - camera - erase
secure - macro -
consumer - recover - mouse-over

Here is the SOLUTION.

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July 29, 2009 - 3:30am
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