Brain Game: Ski Net Abe?

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ski_net_abe.jpgFollowing is a list of 3-letter words and names; your job is to group these words (in the correct order) into sets of three. If you've done so correctly, you should be able to combine the first letters of each word, followed the second letters and then the last letters, to end up with a nine-letter word. Here's an example: Suppose the words were SKI, NET, and ABE. By extracting the first letter of each word (S, N, A) followed by the second (K, E, B) and the last (I, T, E) you end up with the word SNAKEBITE. Using this tactic, can you create three different nine-letter words by properly grouping the entries below? Good luck!


Here is the SOLUTION.

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February 20, 2009 - 2:30am
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