Brain Game: Wally's, 9pm, Bring Cake

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When the evenings are slow in the town of Mayberry (which is most of the time), the locals occasionally get together to play cards. No money changes hands, of course, since that would be against the law. They just play a variety of games - dealer's choice - and the winner of each game scores 5 points. The night ends when the winning player reaches 100 points.

On this particular night, five Mayberry residents - Andy, Barney, Bee, Goober, and Otis - gathered down at the filling station for the after-hours game. When the dust settled ended, and the last bottle of orange pop was gone, the winner had scored the required 100 points, while second place had 75 points, followed by 60 points, 45 points, and 30 points bringing up the rear.

Based on the following three clues, can you determine who won the game and how many points each player scored?

1. Barney's scored more than twice as many points as Goober did.

2. Otis scored an odd number of points.

3. Bee's score was exactly 30 points higher than Andy's score.

Here's the SOLUTION.

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January 6, 2009 - 2:30am
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