Brain Game: Tank, Tiny & Toad

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Three college football linemen - Tank, Tiny, and Toad - earned spots playing for different semi-pro football teams. One of them plays for the Mustangs, one for the Piranha, and one for the Vultures. One wears jersey #63, one #68, and one #75. Based on that information, and the following clues, can you figure out which lineman plays for which team (and which jersey number he wears)?

1. The number on the Piranhas jersey, which is not Toad's, starts with a six.
2. The number on Tank's jersey is evenly divisible by three.
3. Tiny, who doesn't play for the Mustangs, wears jersey number 75.

HERE is the solution.

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October 28, 2008 - 2:30am
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