Brain Game: 11 Players, 11 Points

Yesterday evening, I watched the Colts and Bears battle each other in the season debut for both teams. During the game, Chicago scored a safety (worth two points) by tackling an Indianapolis running back in his own end zone. That got me thinking... 

Suppose an NFL team won a game
by the final score of 11 to zero.

With no regard to the order
in which those points were scored,
can you name the FIVE different scoring
combinations that would total 11 points?

HERE is the answer.


1. Touchdown, extra point, safety, safety (6+1+2+2=11)
2. Touchdown, 2-point conversion, field goal (6+2+3=11)
3. Touchdown (missed extra point), field goal, safety (6+3+2=11)
4. Field goal, field goal, field goal, safety (3+3+3+2=11)
5. Field goal, safety, safety, safety, safety (3+2+2+2+2=11)

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Pop Chart Lab
The Origins of 36 Marvel Characters, Illustrated
Pop Chart Lab
Pop Chart Lab

No matter what their powers, every super hero has an origin story, from Spider-Man’s radioactive bite to Iron Man’s life-threatening chest shrapnel. In their latest poster, the designers at Pop Chart Lab have taken their infographic savvy to the Marvel Universe, charting the heroic origins of 36 different Marvel characters through miniature, minimalist comics.

Without using any words, they’ve managed to illustrate Bucky Barnes's plane explosion and subsequent transformation into the Winter Soldier, Jessica Jones’s car crash, the death of the Punisher’s family, and other classic stories from the major Marvel canon while paying tribute to the comic book form.

Explore the poster below, and see a zoomable version on Pop Chart Lab’s website.

A poster featuring 36 minimalist illustrations of superhero origin stories.
Pop Chart Lab

Keep your eyes open for future Marvel-Pop Chart crossovers. The Marvel Origins: A Sequential Compendium poster is “the first release of what we hope to be a marvelous partnership,” as Pop Chart Lab’s Galvin Chow puts it. Prints are available for pre-order starting at $37 and are scheduled to start shipping on March 8.


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