Brain Game: The Good Old Days

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The following didn't really happen, but pretend it did:   I was conversing with an older gentleman (yes, older than me) outside our local library recently. He'd just celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary, and was reminiscing about what he referred to as his "courtin' days." The man grinned as he recalled how much fun he'd had with his wife-to-be back in 1956... borrowing his dad's Thunderbird, picking up his girl, and heading to a joint called Perry's Place to get milkshakes. Then the couple would drive over to a local drive-in theatre for a double-feature, where they'd "get busy in the back seat" (his words, not mine).

"But I always managed to get her home by 11 on a Friday," the gentleman reminded me. "You've gotta keep the parents happy."

The story was a quaint one,
but I knew the old man had told a fib,
or was at least misremembering things a bit.

How did I know?

HERE'S the answer.

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August 21, 2008 - 2:30am
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