Brain Game: Relish? Gusto? Enthusiasm?

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I received several (kind) favorable comments to our last logic game, so I decided to try my hand at another. This time, instead of the Monkees, it's I Love Lucy. The diagram below shows the table at which Ricky & Lucy Ricardo and best friends Fred & Ethel Mertz enjoyed a nice New York meal. Can you figure out who ate what dish?




NOTE:  I spent way too long working on this puzzle last night,
and could not conclude whether clue #4 was necessary
with the existence of clue #2. I decided it wasn't, but many
Brain Gamers pointed out in the early comments that I was wrong.
Anyway, the puzzle is now ready to go, with only one
possible answer. And here are your FOUR CLUES:

1. Ricky got a tomato sauce stain on his necktie.
2. Everyone sat next to his/her spouse and his/her best friend.
3. Fred ordered a dish that began with the letter "P."
4. Ethel is sitting at Lucy's left-hand side.

HERE's the answer!

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July 23, 2008 - 2:30am
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