Brain Game: Reverse Crossword #1

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You're accustomed to adding letters to the blanks in crossword puzzles, but in this one, you'll add numbers. So we could call it a "crossnumber puzzle," but I think I prefer the term Reverse Crossword. The answers are all two-digit numbers. Each integer from 0 through 9 appears once in the puzzle, which may help you solve difficult blanks. And here's the puzzle:


A. highest UHF channel number
C. "Wreck of the Old _______"
E. legal drinking age in U.S.
G. 100ths% of Ivory that's impure
I. ounces in a "large" bottle of beer


B. three times unlucky
D. atomic number of hafnium
F. men on a dead man's chest
H. squares on a checkerboard

Click here for the answer.

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May 5, 2008 - 2:30am
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