The Late Movies: Reports from the Apocalypse

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The apocalypse, for some reason, was supposed to happen today. Just because a calendar ran out? Please -buy another calendar!

A Letter from the Mayas

Told by way of Google apps.


NASA made a video to explain the lack of apocalypse on December 22nd. However, they released it ten days early. They were that sure.

In Case We Actually Die Today

You only live once… so how are you going to spend the last day? Living dangerously!

Apocalypse Preparation

This guy and his cat are prepared for the worst. Or not.

The Final Countdown Rap

The Mayan apocalypse inspired artistic expression.

Made It Through

ABC counts down to midnight last night, just in case the apocalypse came in US Eastern time.

Modern Maya

Al Jazeera files a report from Mexico's Yucatan peninsula and Guatamala, to see that the descendants of the Maya didn't even believe in the apocalypse.

We Survived!

So, let's party!

December 21, 2012 - 5:11pm
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