Morning Cup of Links: Sandy Hook Elementary

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Remembering the Victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting. Get ready for pictures of bright little children and the adults who gave their all for them.
A mother with a mentally-ill teenager knows what it was like to be Adam Lanza's mother. And it ain't pretty.
What gun control can and can't do. From where America stands now, the issue is more complicated than you might realize.
And now for some not-so-serious links, starting with just the thing you need after the serious stories. Zoo Babies 2012: Adorable Baby Animal Pictures From Around The World.
Holiday Party Bingo. You've been to more than one holiday party and you know these things happen at every one of them.
America's Epic Beer Battle. Five generations of the family who controlled Anheuser-Busch prove that CEOs should not always be selected by DNA.
A Collection Of The Best Drunk Santas. The participants in this year's Santacon in New York put their best foot forward, but then missed the step.
The Slow Mo Guys went all out for their latest stunt: throwing flaming liquids. Don't ever try this, anywhere.
The Really Long Original Name of ‘A Christmas Carol’ (and Other Fun Dickensian Facts). There's nothing more Christmassy than a good ghost story.

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December 17, 2012 - 12:07am
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