The Late Movies: Animals in the Snow

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No snow in my neck of the woods yet this year, but we are looking forward to it! Meanwhile, enjoy watching some cute animals in the snow.

Red Panda Playing in Snow

The cutest species in the world enjoys a good day in snow.

Polar Bear Cub's First Snowfall

I think he likes it!

Cat in Four Feet of Snow

It's not easy to cat around outside when the snow is this deep, but in Russia a cat has to expect it now and then.

The Cats' First Snow

They've never seen snow before. What a shock!

Fox Hunt

A fox is hunting for mice moving underneath a blanket of snow in Yellowstone National Park.

The Dogs' First Snow

I think they like it.

Bailey the Unknown Reindeer

Bailey plays in a 54-inch snow in Colorado.

Ferret Fun in the Snow

Ronnie and Gizmo dig tunnels in the snow. It's quite natural to them!

Ravens Playing in Snow

From the PBS show Nature.

Otter in the Snow

A well-insulated otter can play in snow all day and never get cold.

December 7, 2012 - 5:02pm
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