10 Sci-Fi Gingerbread Creations

Making a gingerbread house is a fun and traditional craft for the holidays, but there's no reason why crafting with gingerbread should be limited to architecture. New generation gingerbread construction is only limited by what can be imagined. Here are some geeky gingerbread creations inspired by popular science fiction worlds.

1. Gingerprise

Redditor nem8 made a gingerbread replica of the starship Enterprise for Christmas 2011. Although it is labeled "USS XMAS" in icing, he called it the "Gingerprise."

2. Gingerbread Red Shirts

Instructables member SeaSkyShore made gingerbread men in the images of the characters from Star Trek. You can, of course, recognize Bones, Kirk, Spock, and that poor nameless sap that gets destroyed as soon as the away team transports to an alien planet. And since you want to "destroy" these gingerbread men by eating them, you'll want to put red shirts on most of them! Complete directions for the cookies are at Instructables.

3. Flynn's Arcade

Instructables member GeekFilter built a gingerbread version of the arcade in the movie Tron for a contest a couple of years ago. At the entry page, you'll see more pictures, including how this science-fiction gingerbread building stacks up against the real building used for the film.


Livejournal members therru and pnr built a Time and Relative Dimension in Space machine, or TARDIS as it's known in the Doctor Who universe, out of gingerbread. They shared the process of building it so you can make your own.

5. Serenity

Norwegians Kristoffer Gressli and his brother built the Serenity space vessel from the TV series Firefly out of gingerbread. See some pictures from the project in his Facebook album, and don't miss the bonus pictures of their gingerbread Bag End and Orthanc tower from previous years!

6. A Space Odyssey

Gingerbread Ninja posted a picture of this scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey complete with monolith, made out of gingerbread. It was an entry in the Creative Room's gingerbread auction back in 2009, so the Ninja's photo is the only record left of it.

7. Gingerbreadtron

Inspired by the Transformers, Brian Hall built a gingerbread house that transforms into a robot! The Gingerbreadtron uses six servo motors linked with an Arduino Uno board. Yes, it's made of gingerbread. See pictures of the construction at his site.

8. AT-AT

Star Wars inspires many gingerbread builders. This dreaded Imperial AT-AT is made of completely edible gingerbread, constructed by Rachel Klemek of Blackmarket Bakery. It was displayed last Christmas at the Discovery Science Museum.

9. Millennium Falcon

Han Solo's ship has a place in Canada's National Gingerbread Showcase 2012. The gingerbread version, complete with Wookiee, was made by the folks at Canoe Brewpub.

10. Ewok Village

On a moon of the the planet of Endor, under the forest canopy, lies a village made of chocolate, breakfast cereal, and gingerbread! The Canadian baker known as The Infinite Yums built this Ewok Village for a charity auction. The post about it has the building process and plenty of pictures of the details.

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17 Delightful Gingerbread Constructions
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A gingerbread house can be just a house, or it can be a medium for fantastic creations, from mansions to spaceships. Check out these wildly creative gingerbread sculptures that go beyond just four walls and a roof.


Christine McConnell constructed this huge gingerbread castle for a Christmas photo spread at Food.com. The entire castle is edible, with the exception of the lights. That means all the structural supports are made of edible materials, and the window glass is just sugar. You can see an album of the castle, its construction, and the intricate details here.


I made Hogwarts out of Gingerbread!

Redditor louisesiuol and her sister made an amazing gingerbread version of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 2013 for a competition, which they obviously won. You can see more pictures of the gingerbread school here.

Also in 2013, Mimicafe Union in New York made a gingerbread version of Hogwarts's Great Hall for the Bake Christmas Wish Fundraiser for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. You can check out photographs of that house here.


Walt Disney World's Grand Floridian Resort displays a grand gingerbread house every year, and here's the 2016 version. Creating the 16-foot-tall house required 800 pounds of flour and over a thousand pounds of honey.


Coley via Flickr // CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

This gingerbread replica of Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater was an entry in Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay’s Gingerbread House Contest in 2007. Another 2007 version of the same house comes with pictures of the building process, while still another was spotted at a Utah competition in 2010.


The St. Francis Enchanted Castle is one of two castles on display now at the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco. The other one is a castle made of sugar—both of which were crafted by Executive Pastry Chef Jean-Francois Houdré and his team.

6. AT-AT

Rachel Klemek at Black Market Bakery is responsible for this awesome gingerbread AT-AT, which is perfectly posed to look like it's trudging through the snowy planet Hoth from 1980's Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. The creation was exhibited at the Discovery Science Museum for Christmas 2011.


fungusamungus via Instructables // CC BY-NC-SA 2.5

Here's a delicious project for a hands-on lesson in geometry! Instructables user fungus amungus built this fractal gingerbread structure in the shape of a Menger sponge. Best of all, the directions are detailed so you can attempt your own version.


Wally Gobetz via Flickr // CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

New York pastry chef Mark Tasker built this replica of the Empire State Building with gingerbread for the 2007 Christmas display at the New York Botanical Garden.


Dave King added Dum-Dums to his gingerbread house to recreate the balloon house from the 2009 Pixar movie Up! He posted pictures at Instructables, but there's a cautionary tale to learn from King's piece: Always build your gingerbread house in the location it will be displayed, because moving it can cause a disaster, especially when there are heavy candies attached.


Instructables member boston09 entered a competition a few years ago with a gingerbread cottage featuring icing icicles and gumdrop shrubbery. One extra detail made this creation stand out: The house is about to be attacked by a giant graham cracker robot!


Sarah Nuehring via Flickr // CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Pam Sheridan won a gingerbread house contest in 1990 with this replica of the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California. As of 2013, the durable confection was still on display.


On the forest moon of Endor, under a canopy of trees, lies a village made of chocolate, breakfast cereal, and gingerbread! Darcy Yums constructed an entire Ewok village to display at a Christmas charity fundraiser. You can see pictures of the building process and the finished product at The Infinite Yums.


Redditor ejustice brings us a highly detailed gingerbread USS Enterprise (dubbed the Gingerprise) that is posed to look like it is crashing through the clouds. The ship got a viral boost when DuckPop edited it into a scene from 1994's Star Trek Generations. Tastiest. Space disaster. Ever.


Pastry chef Xavier Baudinet constructed a 2-foot-tall house of gingerbread and Rice Krispies for the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City. It contains 500 pounds of sugar, 800 pounds of royal icing, and 600 pounds of chocolate. Oh, and it's completely decorated inside with furniture made of chocolate! Check out this video report on the house.


GeekFilter via Instructables // CC BY-NC-ND 2.5

Instructables member GeekFilter built a gingerbread version of the arcade from the 1982 movie Tron for their gingerbread contest in 2010. On the submission page, you'll see more pictures, including how this science-fiction gingerbread building stacks up against the real building used for the film.


Great Wolf Lodge has a life-size gingerbread house built every year, at all 13 locations! Every inch is edible, and families can make reservations to eat inside. Unfortunately, you have to order off the real menu instead of just munching on the walls. Reservation fees go to charity, and the gingerbread dining rooms will only be up until January 1.


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Part of the White House's extravagant Christmas display is the annual gingerbread replica of the executive mansion. This year's gingerbread White House was constructed by pastry chef Susie Morrison and her team. It contains 150 pounds of gingerbread and 20 pounds of icing. The State Dining Room also has a display of 56 other gingerbread houses, representing each state and U.S. territory.

Portions of this list were originally published in three posts from 2010 and 2012.

Andrea at Sugar Swings!
8 Unconventional Ways to Decorate Gingerbread Men
Andrea at Sugar Swings!
Andrea at Sugar Swings!

We often marvel at intricate and clever houses and other structures made of gingerbread, but simpler gingerbread men are also recipes for holiday success. Almost anyone can make and decorate the classically shaped cookies and they're also quite versatile. Here are a few ways people have upgraded the treat.


Sugar Swings! blogger Michelle carved out a set of Star Wars gingerbread men in the likeness of the various troopers in the series. The creations feature intricate icing that mimics the appearances of clone troopers, snow troopers, flamethrower troopers, and stormtroopers of both the First Order and the New Order. Even Captain Phasma is represented!


For Christmas of 2013, Massachusetts-based bakery and Food Network Sugar Dome winner Cakes by Erin unveiled Crumbs of Anarchy, a collection of gingerbread men modeled after the characters on the FX drama Sons of Anarchy. The sweet replicas of Jax, Mark, Tig, and more characters even impressed a member of the show’s cast!


This set of cookies from Oh, Bite it! proves that looks really aren't everything. The recipe improves on the store-bought formula by deep frying the treats and sprinkling them with powdered sugar.


There's power in colorful icing. In 2011, Michelle at Sugar Swings! (who also made the stormtrooper-themed cookies) upgraded the standard shape into super hero gingerbread men and women with elaborate and vivid designs.


You don’t always need detailed icing to make gingerbread men impressive. Patti Paige of Baked Ideas broke out of the mold with her gingerbread men in yoga poses. The creative cookie cutters (which you can buy here) bring Om in the form of 20 yoga poses, including tree, downward dog, wheel, and more.


Stuck with the standard cookie cutters? Change things up by turning them upside-down. A few well-placed lines of icing, a red M&M, and two chocolate chip eyes transform each upside-down man into Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Get the recipe and instructions at She Knows.


It's hard to bake gingerbread men without a few casualties— like a broken cookie limb or two. Candy Caldwell of Reykjavik, Iceland, added icing to injury, illustrating the gingerbread and their faux suffering. Caldwell submitted this picture to National Geographic and made the Photo of the Day in early 2010.


Andrea at Cupookie got twice as festive with her gingerbread men, merging decorations that represent two cold-weather holidays: Christmas and the Day of the Dead. A couple of years later, she followed up with a Day of the Dead gingerbread woman.


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