The Missing Links: Reply All 40,000

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Party Crashing: A 1,000-Year Old Muslim Step-By-Step Guide
As the article states:

This book, which contains flirtation, profanity, and even a little drunkenness, is a lot of fun and offers a rather different perspective to the austere image Islam has from that period.

Sounds like a good holiday primer.


For the Love of God, Do Not Reply All
The NYU student population recently stumbled on the ability to Reply All on an email to the school’s entire enrollment of nearly 40,000 people. As you might expect, some hi-jinks ensued (NSFW language)


Food Idioms Explained

It makes people happy as a clam when you’re a good egg and you bring home the bacon. But others have a bone to pick with you when you act like a big cheese and you think everyone else is just chopped liver. But, just take that with a grain of salt.


Mind Melter Of the Day
No way these are, but they are, and I don’t even, because they look so. I need to lie down.

(Via Laughing Squid)


Every Saturday Morning Commercial Break In A Single Post
The commercial for every board game you ever wanted (except they forgot Mr. Bucket).


Razzing the Razr
This entire book is made up of pictures, texts and other cell phone content that the author found on a collection of old Motorola Razr phones he purchased on eBay. (May contain NSFW content.)


Ever Imagine What the Iceberg That Sank Titanic Looked Like?
Well, now you know. And for a large sum of money, you can even own this photograph.


The Room Is Spinning
No, the entire house is.

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November 28, 2012 - 10:39am
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