The Missing Links: Supercut Creators

“But It’s Already Cheap!?!”
Improv Everywhere creates a Black Friday mob at the dollar store.


Parachuting Beavers
What’s next? Bungee jumping woodchucks? BASE jumping otters? Hang gliding gophers? God I hope so.


I’m Thankful For My Privacy
And I’ll mark my thankfulness with a cloud of celebratory confetti. Wait. Aww, what the heck?


The End... Or Is It?
The beginning of the credits typically send movie theatre audiences hurrying for the exits. But, like with these films and their fantastic closing sequences, the credits are sometimes just a continuation of the fun.


Who Is Making All These Supercuts?
The web is jam-packed with supercut videos. So, who is taking the time to scour dozens, hundreds, thousands of hours of video to put these things together?


The End of the World Is A Beautiful Mess
Check out this gallery of stunning images of the apocalypse.


All Criminals Fear ... Pepsiman?
What? Pepsiman?

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A Very Brief History of Chamber Pots

Some of the oldest chamber pots found by archeologists have been discovered in ancient Greece, but portable toilets have come a long way since then. Whether referred to as "the Jordan" (possibly a reference to the river), "Oliver's Skull" (maybe a nod to Oliver Cromwell's perambulating cranium), or "the Looking Glass" (because doctors would examine urine for diagnosis), they were an essential fact of life in houses and on the road for centuries. In this video from the Wellcome Collection, Visitor Experience Assistant Rob Bidder discusses two 19th century chamber pots in the museum while offering a brief survey of the use of chamber pots in Britain (including why they were particularly useful in wartime).

A Tour of the New York Academy of Medicine's Rare Book Room

The Rare Book Room at the New York Academy of Medicine documents the evolution of our medical knowledge. Its books and artifacts are as bizarre as they are fascinating. Read more here.


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