The Missing Links: Andy Warhol's Eatery Dream

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Sorting Out Phony Pinterest Posts
This week, my talented wife made these awesome patriotic strawberries that she found on Pinterest. But it turns out not all amazing Pinterest finds are possible.

Some are just flat out hoaxes.


Today I Learned On Reddit’s Today I Learned
There’s so much to learn on Reddit. Here are a few things that wrinkled my brain on there today:

- Hannibal invented a weapon straight out of my worst nightmares

- Rabbits aren't safe Down Under

- The bursting of the housing bubble didn't hurt The White House


Bucket List: Get A Giant Sandwich-Shaped Suitcase
Christmas and my birthday are 6 months apart. So, as a child, anytime I wanted something my mom would just say: “Maybe you’ll get that for (Insert the Next Holiday)”. She began saying this the week after either of these two big days - when the next one was half a year away. Well, Mom, I found some things I need for Christmas.


In the Future, Everyone’s Food Will Be Ready Within 15 Minutes
What if Andy Warhol had a restaurant? Apparently that was one of his dreams.


James Bond Is Just A Man. He Puts On His Pants One Leg At A Time.
And once he has them on, he looks super suave. As evidenced by this lookback at the design of 007’s style over the past 50 years.

July 6, 2012 - 10:38am
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