The Late Movies: Funny Weather

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There's nothing funny about fires in Colorado and a heat wave across the United States. But maybe watching somebody else's forecast will make you feel better!

Hot Enough For Ya?

In other words, stay away from Virginia! Then again, this is one instance where you'd be glad that the weatherman turned out to be wrong. From the news team at WTVR CBS 6 in Richmond, Virginia.

Nine Inches

And he acts as if he doesn't realize what he said. He wants us to think it was an accident!

Meanwhile, in Germany

One little glitch and the meteorologist loses it completely.

Regular Guy

Losing your composure is not limited to woman, especially when you've made a horrible accidental joke.

Weather Rap

Nick Kosir at Fox 4 in Twin Falls, Idaho, became known as the Rapping Weatherman. This was his first such performance in 2009.

Snow in Baltimore

I guess if you're a meteorologist, extreme weather gets you really excited.

Kris Letang & Tyler Kennedy

A couple of Pittsburgh hockey players do a guest spot on the local news. That hot spot in the middle of the country means time to go to the beach. What? Don't quit your day job, guys!

Prince Charles

The Prince of Wales did a guest weather spot for the BBC in Scotland.

Andrew W.K.

Musician and TV host Andrew W.K. did a guest forecast at Fox 23 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The Weather in Hawaii

This classic will always be funny. Triumph the Insult Comic Dog does the weather forecast in Hawaii.

June 29, 2012 - 6:00pm
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