The Missing Links: Never Hire A Hypnotist-in-Training

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When I Count to Three, I Hope You’ll Snap Right Out of It
There was a sketch years ago on In Living Color where Jim Carrey was hypnotized and told to act like a chicken, only to have his hypnotist keel over and die before he could snap him out of his trance. The film Office Space featured a similar premise. These are funny because you’d think it could never happen. Well, it sort of did. And while the hypnotist didn’t die, he did have to call in his mentor to help bring some people back.

How did any school think this was a good idea?


There’s Nothing Like A Nice Cool, Refreshing, Really Loud & Crinkly Drink of Water
Seriously, why is this bottle of water so crinkly?


June 19, 240 B.C.
Eratosthenes pulled off one hell of a mathematical calculation 2,252 years ago today.


Batman Is Taking Too Long to Rise
This newly released trailer is, by my count, the 389th version that’s been released for The Dark Knight Rises. Is it July 20th yet?


Today Is Garfield's 34th Birthday
Higgins rounded up these seven Garfield variations and wrote this: "By shifting the perspective away from Garfield’s inner life, Jon’s life comes into sharp relief: he’s an isolated man whose home life with his pets is, at best, troubling."


Get Your Money’s Worth From Netflix By Watching 252 Movies A Month
This guy proved it can be done. Whether or not it SHOULD be done is another issue.


Colin’s Pointless Question: Are Avocados Taking Over?
Is it me or has there been a strange surge in avocado marketing lately? Every single time I turn on the radio or TV, I am greeted by a Subway ad focusing on the mushy green fruit. Then, just a few minutes ago, I heard an ad sponsored by some avocado organization. The Avocado Growers of the World, or the U.S. Avocado Council, or the American Avocado Association of America. I missed the exact name of the group.

Now, advocadotising (My own term that I just made up for avocado advertising) is apparently not new. I did a quick search and found this really strange, non-realistic commercial from a while back and this one featuring avocado ad executives.

However, the question remains: Am I imagining this or are these things taking over?

If you want some more information on these nutrient rich things, here you go.

June 19, 2012 - 12:48pm
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