The Late Movies: Homemade Water Park

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Water parks cost a pretty penny, especially if you have a lot of people who want to have some fun in the water. There are ways around this, as you can see from these folks who fashioned their own water park rides. The safest way to enjoy these rides is to watch someone else do it on video.

The Pool Dipper

When you have a pool and an excavator, you have a thrill ride! This was spotted in Hungary.

Excavator Swing

You don't even need a pool; just take your backhoe down to the creek!

Big Slip and Slide

A Slip and Slide can be as big as a theme park ride, but you have to dream big! This one was constructed for Cole's bachelor party.

Long Slip-n-Slide

Let's make it even bigger! How about a 500-foot run of heavy grade plastic pit liners, fed by an industrial pump? Yeah!

Ron's Slip and Slide Extravaganza

But what if you increased the pitch, like, say, up to the roof?

Mud Skiing

This is the way to do if if you don't have a lot of room -or a ski boat!

Jeep Skiing

Skiing behind a Jeep on a flooded roadway.

ATV Skiing

Here's another idea: an ATV and a kneeboard! That will work anywhere!

Heavy Duty Sprinkler Fun

These guys have been cutting concrete all day, and now they are cooling off with a high-pressure hydrant.

Bike Ramp

A ramp into a pond will give you some serious air time!

June 8, 2012 - 6:00pm
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