The Missing Links: Projects for Your 3D Printer

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Those Guys on the Beach with the Metal Detectors Must Find Things Sometimes, Right?
Sure. It’s just that sometimes they find a big treasure chest full of coins ... because they actually planted it there. And in those instances, the coins inside are mostly of the chocolate variety. And also in those instances, the reactions of people around them are pretty funny.

(Note: Some of the reactions of people in the video are slightly NSFW - as yours would likely be also if someone right next to you “randomly” found a pirate chest of treasure.)


These ...


One-Way Mission to Mars Is On the Books
Planned for September 14, 2022 (A mere 3,753 days away!)


Coffee Isn’t Just For Pepping Up Humans Any More
It can also be used for giving a much needed jolt to your WiFi signal.


Those 3D Printers Are Awesome & Why Haven’t I Ever Heard of Them?
Ummmm, 3D printers. Are those a thing? Do people have those? Am I that out of it? I think I might be, because there are entire posts on all of the cool things that you can create with them.

So You Think You Know Movies

Check out this poster and see how many of the films from the 100 year history of Paramount Pictures you can name. (Via Popped Culture)

June 5, 2012 - 12:07pm
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