The Missing Links: Food Edition

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We’ve been doing The Missing Links for all of three-ish weeks now. Seems like it’s about time for a theme show. So let’s go with a food theme. In reality I have just been finding a lot of cool food-related content and wanted to include it all. But have no fear, there are a few other non-sustenance related bits mixed in today.


Guess What Comes Next In This Sequence: Peter Griffin, Stewie Griffin, That Giant Chicken, Roger the Alien, Cleveland Brown, Fred Flintstone, _________?
If you guess Carl Sagan, you are correct.

Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland Show, recently saw his planned reboot of The Flintstones put on indefinite hold. So what has the incredibly wealthy TV mogul turned his attention to? How about relaunching Cosmos, the 80s PBS series hosted by Sagan. He explains his reasoning in this video, which may give you a new opinion of him:


You’ll Be Blown Away By These Pictures
They’re of a bunch of people being blasted with air in the face. And they’re cool and all but I’m so sorry about that headline. It was a really bad joke. I felt bad about it when I wrote it and I feel bad now. And it doesn’t even make sense because the people in the pictures are the ones being blown away. So, again, I’m sorry. Just enjoy the pictures.


All You Can Eat Buffet*
(*Eaters May Be Subject to Fines For Taking Too Much Food. So Don’t Be A Purposefully Wasteful Jerk)

Now this is an idea that is way past due.


Again, I Don’t Endorse Wasting Food. But I Personally Think that 1,000-Year Old Eggs Should Just be Thrown Away
Cheese is about as far as I’ll go down the aged food road. Let me know if you’ve had any of these really early or really late foods.


“I'd Like A Double Cheeseburger, Hold the Mustard & the Pickles & the Band-Aid”
Sometimes people aren’t specific enough with their order. Unless you explicitly say so, how is the restaurant to know whether you’d like your meal to include a mouse - or any of these other horrendous objects found in people’s food?


If You Want to Avoid Using Products Made With Animal Parts, You’d Better Know What Kind of Floor You’re Walking On
Once the burgers and steaks are made, what becomes of the rest of the cow?


James Buchanan: America’s Actual First Gay President (Until A New Guy Is Picked)
Obama was recently labeled “The First Gay President” on the cover of Newsweek. But he’s not the first POTUS to have that accusation hurled at him. Richard Nixon had a book written about him that alleged it. And this Salon article claims the same thing about President James Buchanan. How many times can one thing happen for the first time?

May 18, 1920: Karol Józef Wojty?a Born
You’d know him better as Pope John Paul II. Check out what the Pontiff did with the bullet that almost killed him.

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