The Missing Links: How to Win at Battleship

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The '40s Were a Wild Time

In honor of National Bike Month, the good people at dug up these photos of variations on the bicycle from the 1940s.


There’s A Giant 860-Mile Wide Sphere of Water Sitting on Top of the Midwestern United States
In this picture – which illustrates what all of the Earth’s water looks like in one place.


It’s About (EXPLETIVE DELETED) Time Someone Defended My (EXPLETIVE DELETED) Cursing
You should know that this impassioned defense of swearing does, in fact, contain a few NSFW verbal bombs itself.


Or Just Tell Your Opponent to Look at the TV, Then Peek at Their Board
Apparently there’s an honest way to win at Battleship, too. For those of you with board game ethics.


A Child Sabotage
How do you honor the memory of a hip-hop great like the late Beastie Boy Adam "MCA" Yauch? Sure, you could recognize him with a resolution, as the New York State Senate did this week.

Or you could do something much cooler. That’s what James Winters did in creating this hilarious tribute to the group’s iconic "Sabotage" music video:


I Really Do Wonder Whatever Happened to All of the Predictability? The Milkman? Ummmm, What About the Paperboy? And That Darned Evening TV, Too
As you all well know, it’s Bob Saget’s birthday. So why not test out your knowledge of his cheesy, cloying magnum opus.

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May 17, 2012 - 11:33am
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