The Missing Links: Stock Photo or $4.3 Million Masterpiece?

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Time For Another Round of Everyone’s Favorite Game: “Stock Photo or Disgustingly Overpriced Masterpiece”
Surely that photo shown above must be the former, correct? It has to have cost a few bucks at the most, yeah? There’s no way that sold for $4.3 million, right?

I don’t understand the world.


John Hodgman’s Quest to WIn The Cheater’s Cup
The current mental_floss magazine cover star recently competed in the 2012 Scrabble for Cheaters tournament.


“I could have gone on and on. Space, here I come.”
The Surprising Science Picture of the Week relives Stephen Hawking’s brief flirtation with weightlessness.


Mitt Romney Is A Wild & Crazy Guy
His wife said so and she was right. The Gregory Brothers prove it in their new video:


The World’s #1 Beer
Pliny the Younger is currently ranked as the world's #1 beer. What does that even mean?


Twitter Just Got A Whole Lot More Curmudgeonly

If I were to guess, I would assume that Larry David’s general attitude toward Twitter would be effectively summed up by his face in this picture.

However, it seems that he has decided to join - much to the surprise and delight of many. So what convinced him?

Now that Charity Bribes has achieved this goal - and donated $10,163 to the Natural Resources Defense Council - they've turned their attention toward a bribe involving Conan O’Brien and an eyepatch.

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May 16, 2012 - 10:29am
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