The Missing Links: Enter the Anger Room

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That Nuclear Disaster Could Have Been A Real Kodak Moment
The bankrupted camera company apparently had a whole bunch of dangerous material – and barely anyone knew it.


Whether You Love This Idea or Hate This Idea, It’ll Work Perfectly For You
This brilliant idea is like that printer smashing scene from Office Space times a million.


This Guy Had Better Have Gotten One Hell of A Free Buffet
This statement is incredible:

“In 2007, Harrah’s made 5.6 percent of its total Las Vegas revenue off of a single person.”

The story of that man is just one part of this crazy roundup of gambling tales.


The 3 Characters That Almost Ruined Toy Story 2
No, not Jesse, Bullseye & the Prospector. I’m talking about RM*.

Quora provides even more detail on the ordeal.


Are You Tired of Back to the Future Content Yet?
No, you are not. So enjoy this.


The Scientific Value of Abracadabra
Scientists have begun to realize that the tricks – err, illusions – performed by magicians can help us better understand the mind and how it perceives the world.


And Speaking of Magic…
Not all tricks just LOOK dangerous. Some actually are.

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May 15, 2012 - 2:34pm
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